Brick Slip

Our brick slip systems can be used across a range of different applications and substrates. Ideal for internal and external application on both new build or refurbishment projects. Our brick slip systems are durable and weather-resistant. We offer a 10-year guarantee if installed by a Licata approved applicator. We offer a choice of acrylic or clay brick slips, which are ideal for façade cladding whilst creating a stunning aesthetic.

Acrylic Brick Slip

Acrylic brick slips provide the traditional appearance of a brick finished building but with technology of a lightweight acrylic or mineral brick slip finish. Acrylic Brickslips is an ideal finish for external wall insulation systems used on new build or renovation of old buildings. It can also be use with Timber-metal frame or modular where speed and weight are important in designs but traditional brick slips would not be recommended.

Key Features
10 year guarantee
Weather resistant
High impact resistance
Highly durable finish
System can accommodate any unevenness in the substrate

Clay Brick Slip

Licata clay slips are a versatile thin brick cladding that simulates the look of traditional clay brickwork whilst providing greater insulation and more flexibility of style and application.

Key Features
A2 fire classification
Traditional aesthetic
Quick to install
High impact resistance
For Internal & External Use

Brick Slip Systems

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