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We manufacturer a wide range of render systems, all suitable for different substrates. From BBA certified Insulated render systems, thin coat renders and monocouche finishes. All our systems and products are durable and of high quality. We offer a choice of textured finishes from acrylic, silicone and silicate. Our systems help protect all kinds of façades, whilst adding style and creativity. With over 7oo colours to choose from, you can pick the perfect coloured render for any project.

Existing Render-Paint Render System

Thermalite Blocks Render System

Monocouche Render System

Cement Board Render System

AntiCrack Render System

Plaster Render System

Insulated Renders

This type of external render is typically applied in areas where external wall insulation is wanting. It may be that the walls are deteriorating, or there are wall cavities that cannot be filled, the exterior needs updating as part of a renovation, or a greater than normal amount of insulation thickness is required.

Licata products used to perform this type of render are accredited by the BBA (British Board of Agrément). The installation of an insulated render is considered a specialist project with the work performed by approved contractors, who also issue any guarantees.

Thin Coat Renders

Thin coats are a thoroughly modern render finish that offer a wide range of colour choices and are crack resistant, breathable and surprisingly durable. When choosing thin coat renders you have your choice of silicone, acrylic or mineral.

Silicone thin coats are undoubtedly the most popular, perhaps because of silicone’s ability to repel dirt, resist staining and prevent algae from taking root. A silicone render is highly water-resistant and produces a clean modern look. Acrylic renders have a lot in common with silicone thin coats in that you have a lot of colour choices and acrylic is nearly as hydrophobic as silicone. While mineral renders set fast and are designed primarily for cold climates.

Monocouche Finishes

This is a cement-based external render that has the colour mixed right in. Monocouche rendering is comprised of a single coat and is typically applied over brick or blocks. The finish can be manipulated to produce an array of effects or simply scraped smooth to provide a clean, modern look. In addition, because it is through-coloured, you will not need to paint this type of finish. It is also highly water-resistant and will resist algae growth.

Plaster Renders

The Licata plaster rendering system is extremely versatile and can be applied to any standard substrate. Our plaster renders are available in a dizzying array of colours so no matter your aesthetic considerations you will find one to match. Our plaster renders dry fast and provide robust protection against mould, algae and other malicious microbes. A Licata plaster render is also quite light and will not put undue stress on your walls. In addition, they exhibit excellent adhesive ability, are highly breathable and will last for many years.

Benefits of an External Coloured Rendering System

One of the most important benefits of a through-coloured render is that you will never experience chipping and flaking of the colour as often happens with painted wood, stucco or concrete. This type of external render is easy to apply, enhances the kerb appeal of your home or business, is low maintenance and extremely durable.

But a coloured render is more than just attractive and easy to maintain. They are also weather-resistant, while at the same time being quite breathable, which is good for the overall health of the structure they are applied to. If you are looking for a fast, affordable way to boost the integrity and value of your property, think Licata coloured rendering systems.

The Right Choice for UK Home and Business Owners

Britain’s status as an island means it never receives the type of outrageous snowfall seen in other cities at a similar latitude, nor is it burdened with bone-chilling sub-zero temps. But that doesn’t mean that everything in the UK is dry warmth and sunshine. Quite the opposite. The environment of the British Isles is extremely damp and that can have an enervating effect on standard building materials.

Our high-quality render systems provide the barrier you need to protect your home or business from the onslaught of high humidity and all the secondary threats that come with it, including dangerous moulds, structural degradation, the need for constant repainting and more

Licata: When the Job Has to be Done Right

For more than 5 decades Licata Building Solutions have been providing leading-edge building materials to customers throughout the UK and Europe. All our materials are BBA and ETA certified and produced with the long-term in mind. Our various rendering products enable residential and commercial customers to greatly improve the kerb appeal of their home or business, to reduce their carbon footprint and to save money.

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For years we have had the honour of partnering with numerous contractors on a variety of high-profile projects. If you are in the planning stages of a major build or renovation get in touch with the team at Licata to discuss possibilities. To learn more or to arrange a consultation drop into one of our London area distribution depots, write to us at, or give us a call on 020 8894 3372.

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