Retrofit External Wall Insulation Systems

Approximately 30% of a buildings heat is lost through the external walls. Installing a Licata EWI system is a effective wy to improve not only the thermal performance of a building but also aesthetically improve the appearance of the building.

Licatatherm Bio

Licatherm Bio is offers a extremely breathable EWI system which utilises a lime based basecoat, perfect for historical buildings for when breathability is a priority.

LicataTherm Mineral Wool

Licatherm Mineral Wool system is a A2 fire rated system, breathable and suitable for high rise retrofit projects. Brick Slip and Silicone render can be used as the finish option with this system

LicataTherm Graphite

Licatherm Graphite benefits from utilising enhanced EPS insulation within the system. This system offer high levels of workability and is often used on low rise residential homes.

LicataTherm Anti-Crack Cement Free

Licatherm Anti Crack Cement Free EWI system is specifically designed for unstable substrates. The EWI system utilises the Rasotherm 500 plus and reinforcing mesh which is our most flexible basecoat and is cement free. The system can be finished with our range of topcoat finishes and brick slips.

LicataTherm K5-1

Licatherm K5 EWI system utilises a Phenolic insulation board which provides industry leading thermal performance. This allows a thinner insulation material to be used to achieve great thermal performance.

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