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Whether you are an experienced contractor or a private homeowner searching for a reputable rendering supplier, Licata has everything you need to do the job right. Primers, adhesives, render accessories, base coats, external wall insulation and more, we have it all and deliver it free to your worksite.

The Different Types of Rendering
  • The Cement and Sand Render- a cement and sand render occupies a traditional place in the pantheon of render supplies. It remains popular today for a variety of reasons. Certainly, it is effective, but it’s also an outstanding choice for those with not a lot of wiggle room in their budget. A cement and sand render is mixed on-site and applied in coats. Once dry it is painted, or not, depending on the needs and tastes of the home or business owner.
  • While cement and sand renders are reliable and affordable they are not through-colour renders, so if they get chipped the flaw will be obvious. They also need to be cleaned (typically once a year) if they are to look their best over time.
  • The Monocouche Render – when it comes to render supplies the monocouche is fast becoming a customer favourite. Some would compare the monocouche render to a sand and cement render, but they are fundamentally different when it comes to texture and other characteristics. The monocouche render is through-coloured so no painting is necessary and if the surface is damaged that damage will be very hard to see.
  • Monocouche renders are available in hundreds of colours, are very durable, will resist the worst that the UK climate has to throw at them, provide first-class insulation with high thermal efficiency and are considered by some to be the best value in render supplies.
  • The Silicone Render – you will often hear silicone renders referred to as “thin coat renders” because they are usually applied as a thin coat over a reinforced base. The silicone render is very flexible which makes it a great choice for structures prone to subsidence. Should the reinforced base crack the silicone render will usually retain its integrity. Silicone renders are highly waterproof, through-coloured and easier to apply than other renders. In addition, silicone renders tend to be self-cleaning since airborne dirt, dust and other particles will not adhere to them. Silicone renders are also breathable, so moisture does not get a chance to build up inside the wall and cause problems.
Don’t Settle for Less

Rendering is a job that requires the highest quality materials. Building contractors, property developers, architects and homeowners nationwide know they will find those materials at Licata. We put our many years’ experience with external wall insulation systems to work every day producing top quality render products and providing them to our customers at competitive prices.

What You Need Where You Need It

Uncertain what type of rendering supplies you need for your project? Not to worry. Our sales team provide expert advice so you can rest easy knowing you have exactly what you need; nothing more, nothing less. Unable to pick up your external wall insulation supplies in person? Relax. We deliver throughout London and Kent, and to all points within England when circumstances require.

Highest quality, long-lasting products

At Licata, we ensure that all our products are produced to the highest quality, providing a long-lasting product with excellent performance.

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Leading Italian Manufacturer & Supplier of Building Solutions

We are a leading Italian manufacturer and supplier of building materials, facades solutions and interior surfaces. We have 3 showrooms across London and Kent, all with fully stocked warehouses. We have a vast collection of products. From external wall insulation, render systems, brick slips, system finishes and waterproofing, plus an extensive range of versatile façade finishes. 

Our innovative solutions are designed for any type of residential or commercial project, whether it be new-build or refurbishment. Our product offering is vast and ranges from external wall insulation and render systems, waterproofing and flooring, plus an extensive range of versatile façade finishes. We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensively tested system range by the BBA, ETA, ETAG004, ISO9001, BS476.

Top Render Supplier in London and Kent

When you choose to purchase high-quality external wall insulation supplies from Licata you get:

Leading Edge Rendering Supplies

Licata is a leading Italian producer and supplier of rendering materials with three locations in the UK. All of our products reflect our ongoing commitment to research and development and reflect the absolute state-of-the-art in high-quality rendering materials, peripherals and accessories.

First-Class Customer Service

We employ a combination of nextgen technology and some of the friendliest, most fully qualified customer care assistants you will find anywhere to ensure your experience with us is trouble-free and satisfactory on all fronts. We also offer a free colour sample service for our render products.

State-of-the-Art Showrooms

Those wishing to learn more about external wall insulation systems, the range of renders available including silicone render, sand and cement prices or anything else related to our rendering or building supplies are urged to visit our showrooms in London and Kent and discover for themselves how this amazing process works.


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Trust Licata

Whether you are a large, established rendering company, a homeowner or anyone in between trust Licata to provide for all your needs. Our products embody years of R&D, are produced to the highest standards of quality and stand the test of time.

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