Brick Slip Product Range

Our brick slip systems can be used across a range of different applications and substrates. Ideal for internal and external application on both new build or refurbishment projects. Our brick slip systems are durable and weather-resistant. We offer a 10-year guarantee if installed by a Licata approved applicator. We offer a choice of mineral or clay brick slips, which are ideal for façade cladding whilst creating a stunning aesthetic.

Mineral Brick Slip

Mineral brick slips provide the traditional appearance of a brick finished building but with technology of a lightweight mineral brick slip finish. Mineral brickslips are an ideal finish for external wall insulation systems used on new build or renovation of old buildings. They can also be used with timber frame, metal frame or modular builds where speed and weight are important in designs but traditional clay brick slips would not be recommended.

Key Features

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Weather resistant
  • High impact resistance
  • Highly durable finish
  • System can accommodate any unevenness in the substrate

Clay Brick Slip

Licata clay slips are a versatile thin brick cladding that simulates the look of traditional clay brickwork whilst providing greater insulation and more flexibility of style and application.

Key Features

  • A2 fire classification
  • Traditional aesthetic
  • Quick to install
  • High impact resistance
  • For Internal & External Use

Advantages of Licata Brick Slip Cladding

Brick slip cladding is low maintenance

Genuine brick exterior walls require a surprising amount of maintenance to ensure their continued integrity. Not so with Licata brick slips. Whether mineral or clay, our brick slip cladding requires little more than an occasional wash to keep it looking sharp. If you are not a fan of expensive and time-consuming home maintenance, consider adding brick slip cladding to your home or business.

Brick slip cladding systems strengthen exterior walls

A brick slip is simple to install and bolsters the strength and integrity of exterior walls in numerous ways. For one thing, they help the wall resist humidity. This is important when it comes to the long term viability of the wall. Attaching a brick slip system to an exterior wall can also extend its life while providing a boost in your home’s value. Concrete outer walls are prone to cracking. A brick slip system can help prevent this from happening. And finally, a mineral brick slip system will resist mould and fungi.

Brick slips are aesthetically pleasing

Brick slip cladding from Licata provides the aesthetic value of real brick without the expense and headaches that come with installing and maintaining traditional masonry. Installing our mineral or clay brick slip system will immediately elevate the kerb appeal of your home or business, giving it a classic look that will stand the test of time. Brick slip cladding is one of the simplest ways to transform a drab exterior into one of substance and style.

Brick slip cladding improves your home insulation profile

Most homes from the 20th century and earlier were constructed with precious little insulation in their exterior walls. If there is any now, it is usually because the homeowner added some after the fact. Brick slip cladding is a great way to add even more insulation to your older home, increasing its energy efficiency and saving you money both today and in the years to come.

Brick slip wall cladding provides benefits of real brick

Whether residential or commercial brick structures exude a sense of timelessness and permanence. Brick slip cladding can exude those same characteristics, which enhances the way your home or business is perceived. Traditional brick also has outstanding thermal mass properties. This means it is able to store heat and release it in a controlled way. During the summer this helps keep your home cool, and during the winter it helps it stay warm. Clay brick slip wall cladding also exhibits good thermal mass properties.

Brick slip cladding is extremely versatile

Whether you are looking for the perfect material to frame the fireplace in your family room, want to bolster the insulation capability of your home or business, or are providing an older structure with a modern – or postmodern – exterior, brick slip cladding from Licata is the perfect choice. Your home, office, hotel or outdoor kitchen will take on a timeless look, and you will benefit from enhanced value, lower energy bills and the envy of your contemporaries.

Brick slip cladding will not attract or host algae, fungi or other microbes

Malicious microbes are a silent threat to your health, the health of your loved ones and the health of your guests. In fact, researchers have concluded that most allergies as well as numerous respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis originate in the home or are exacerbated by mould, fungi and other uninvited organisms that cling to various building materials. Brick slip cladding from Licata is the notable exception to that rule and will help ensure your home or office is a healthy place to live or work.

Brick slip cladding is a long-term solution

Some people harbour the misconception that brick slip cladding is a temporary fix that is installed until the property owner can decide on something permanent. Nonsense. Brick slip cladding is a viable long term solution that, with minimal maintenance, will last decades and retain its beauty, integrity and insulation capabilities.

Brick slip cladding is cost-effective

Compared to installing complete brick walls brick slip cladding is much less expensive and yet provides many of the exact same benefits. While there may be purists out there for whom nothing less than “real” brick will do, for value-orientated home and business owners, brick slips are the cost-effective alternative that will produce all the benefits of brick at fraction of the price.

Licata Have a Brick Slip Cladding for You

Licata brick slips will enhance the appearance of your home, office, hotel or other structure while increasing its value and reducing its carbon footprint. When you need a cladding that will look great, install quickly, and provide a handsome ROI, consider brick slips by Licata.

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