Licata Therm Graphite Cement Free TOP COAT
[ External Wall Insulation ]

Licata Therm Anti-Crack - Cement Free

Our Licata Therm Anti-Crack EWI system is ideal for unstable substrates. The combination of Rasotherm 500 plus and glass fibre mesh provides ultimate crack resistance. This system is also completely cement free. Choose from brick slips, coloured render or resin multi-colour for the decorative finish. With over 700 colours available, you can pick the perfect coloured render for your project. Our EWI systems help improve the appearance and thermal efficiency of properties, reducing overall energy consumption.

Suitable Substrates

Licata Therm Graphite Cement Free TOP COAT

Brick/Block Work

Licata Therm Graphite Cement Free SFS TOP COAT

Steel Frame

Licata Therm Graphite Cement Free Timber Frame System TOP COAT

Timber Frame

Products Required

This render system offers a choice of products for the basecoat and decorative finish. Only one product from each section is required to complete the system. If clay brick slips are to be used as the decorative finish, an extra adhesive will be required (Super S1)

Coloured Render

Our top coat renders are available in over 700 colours. Below are some of our most popular coloured renders. All our colours are available in acrylic, silicone or silicate formula. To find out more about our wide range of colour options, come into store or give us call.

Acrylic Brick Slips

Clay Brick Slips

Resin Multi-Colour

Key Features

Suitable For
Various Substrates

Over 700
Colour Options


Protects Against
Algae & Mould

Energy Carbon


Fully Fire

Provides Ultimate
Crack Resistance