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Existing Render/Paint

Licata’s Existing Render/Paint Render System has been designed for substrates that have already had render applied previously. Breathable with great adhesion and spreadability. With increased strength and crack resistance, due to the glass fibre mesh. Choose from brick slips, coloured render or resin multi-colour for the decorative finish. With over 700 colours available, you can pick the perfect coloured render for your project

Products Required

This render system offers a choice of products for the basecoat and decorative finish. Only one product from each section is required to complete the system. If clay brick slips are to be used as the decorative finish, an extra adhesive will be required (Super S1)

Mono Eco Basecoat/Adhesive

Raso W160 Basecoat/Adhesive

Super S1 Adhesive

Only required for clay brick slips

Coloured Render

Our top coat renders are available in over 700 colours. Below are some of our most popular coloured renders. All our colours are available in acrylic, silicone or silicate formula. To find out more about our wide range of colour options, come into store or give us call.

Acrylic Brick Slips

Clay Brick Slips

Resin Multi-Colour

Key Features

Suitable For Substrates With Existing Render

Over 700
Colour Options


Protects Against
Algae & Mould

Drying Time

Breathable & Lightweight

Durable & Water Repellent

Great Adhesion & Spreadability