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Special paints and plasters for interior and exterior use – all the most advanced and innovative solutions for decorative wall paints and exclusive ranges. Decorative finishes offer you a new way of decorating surfaces with unique visual and tactile sensations. The result is a spectacular decorative effect with appealing and refined design solutions.












About Decorative Plaster Finishes

We provide a full line of decorative plaster and paint options capable of creating a compelling atmosphere that transcends the limitations of the space. Polished plaster, Travertino Romano and other decorative plaster finishes can be left as-is or finished with a high-quality water-based paint like our Klondike or Mavericks.

Venetian plaster is made of lime putty and marble dust and is tintable to your preferred colour. It is capable of producing the textured surface of your choice, but most often used to create the faux polished marble finish that appeals to so many.

Decorative plaster finishes extend the possibilities of the interior decor and provide a timeless backdrop to your furniture and accessory choices. Set the mood or activate your interior design concept with breathtaking decorative wall finishes by Licata.

Masters of Plaster and Paint Decorative Finishes

Licata is the product of thousands of years of tradition and expresses all that is best in both the practical and decorative building arts of Italy. We specialise in decorative wall finishes using a variety of traditional and contemporary materials and processes including Venetian plaster and a variety of paints that stand alongside the very best the industry produces.

Whatever type of decorative finish your imagination, or the imagination of your interior designer or painting contractor can conceive, Licata products can produce it. Licata is more than an industrial concern, we are a team of artists and artisans dedicated to advancing the decorative building arts and making them available to the widest possible audience.

DecoratIve Painted Finishes

A painted decorative finish, also commonly referred to as a “faux finish”, is capable of producing a variety of effects, including natural stone or a distressed look that gives an interior a timeless quality. These decorative finishes can be applied to walls and ceilings. Licata produces an array of decorative paints including:

  • Klondike – Klondike is a versatile, elegant water-based paint characterised by unique colours.
  • Mavericks – Also a water-based paint, Mavericks can create luminescent colour effects and is easy to apply.
  • Imperium – This ecological decorative paint can be used to mimic the appearance of precious metals to create luxurious finishes in homes, offices and hotels.
  • Meteore – This versatile and dense decorative coating is perfect for creating rich contemporary effects, including dazzling pearlescent shades.

With decorative faux finishes you have the ability to let your imagination loose with multidimensional finishes, sophisticated metallic effects, antique, weathered looks and much, much more.

The Case for Plaster Finishes

Lime plasters have a history dating back to the time of the Caesars. They remain an in-demand material due to their durability, flexibility and the stunning results they can produce. A plaster finish can be subtle or overt, bold or nuanced, thoroughly modern or as classical as the Pantheon.

Licata plaster finishes fit neatly into a tradition that is nearly as old as Western civilisation itself and are produced with the same care and thoughtfulness displayed by our ancient predecessors. In a world where we are being constantly urged to accept the artificial decorative plaster finishes are a timeless reminder that craft never goes out of style.

With Licata plaster finishes you have the ability to choose the colour, degree of texture and lustre (or lack thereof) of the finished product. Elegant Georgian townhouses, ultra-minimalist modern homes and every style in between can benefit from the application of a decorative plaster finish, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or elsewhere.

When you choose Licata plaster renders you choose:

Durability – When properly mixed and applied by professionals a decorative plaster finish is actually stronger and more durable than drywall (plasterboard). As water escapes a chain reaction occurs that strengthens the plaster, making it less susceptible to damage from dings and knocks.

Ease of application – The process of installing a decorative plaster finish is relatively simple compared to other types of wall finish. Simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes the skilled hand of an experienced plasterer to apply the material in a way that will lend itself to long term viability. If you wish, Licata can recommend a contractor who will not let you down.

A quieter, safer house – As we have seen decorative plasters by Licata provide a host of benefits. But 2 of the least discussed are noise abatement and fire deterrence. A decorative plaster wall absorbs sound in a way less substantial finishes cannot. Decorative plaster finishes by Licata also provide a bulwark against fire and will help contain any blaze, as opposed to helping it spread like some materials can.

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