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    Repair 540R


    Size Grain Size Colours Consumption
    25kg 2 mm
    • Grey
    • Asphalt Black
    22 kg/m² per 1mm thickness

    Licata Repair 540R Fibre-reinforced Mortar

    Repair 540R was formulated in such a way as to ensure the best performance in all interventions for which there is need for a dimensionally stable extra rapid mortar with high mechanical performance and extremely workable properties. Formulated for the restoration of industrial flooring | road works or airport works of elements which need to be reopened to traffic as rapidly as possible | for fixing wells | grids | Manhole covers, etc.


    • Rapid hardening: thanks to the rapid hardening, Repair 540R can support traffic by wheeled vehicles after about 2 hours from the application at the temperature of 20°C.
    • High mechanical strength: Repair 540R, thanks to the special additives it contains, gives the mortar high mechanical performance, impermeability to water and abrasion resistance.
    • Durability: the particular formulation and additives it contains give the mortar high durability and resistance to salts used for melting ice, as well as to oils and hydrocarbons.
    • High adhesion strength: Repair 540R is a polymer-modified mortar (PCC). The binding values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions of frost, heat and chemical aggression are proof of its long-lasting reliability in the repair interventions on all the most common cementitious surfaces.
    • Controlled shrinkage: Repair 540R contains special fibres that guarantee dimensional stability even at thicknesses up to 5cm suitably confined.

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