Repair 200 SR Fibre-Reinforced Mortar

Fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar with quick grip, polymer-modified, thixotropic, certified according to UNI EN 1504-2 and classified as mortar class R2 according to UNI EN 1504-3.

Quick grip
High adhesion strength
Controlled shrinkage
Easy workability


Licata Repair 200 SR Fibre-Reinforced Mortar

Repair 200 SR was formulated in such a way as to ensure the best performance in the interventions of restoration and restructuring of the most common cementitious substrates adopted in the construction industry. It may be laid in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mm either by hand or by machine, effectively fulfilling all the worksite application requirements. It finds its main destinations of use in: concrete restoration even with exposed metal rods | repairs of consoles, corners, eaves, damaged edges, etc. | interventions on cementitious structures in general.


  • Quick grip: thanks to the use of special accelerating additives Repair 200 SR drastically reduces finishing times.
  • High adhesion strength: Repair 200 SR is a polymer-modified mortar (PCC). The binding values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions of frost, heat and chemical aggression are proof of its long-lasting reliability in the repair interventions.
  • Controlled shrinkage: the presence of fibre and the particular formulation of Repair 200 SR reduce phenomena related to cracking to a minimum, also in very thick single coats.
  • Easy workability: the combination of fluidity, easy removal from the tools and ease of processing is obtained thanks to the use of the latest generation additives, reducing the difficulties and delays of the laying.

Additional Info

Colour Grey
Weight 25 KG
Preparation 4.5 – 5 litres of clean water for every 25kg bag
Yield Consumption 17.5 kg/m² every 10mm of thickness


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