Repair 400 C

Repair 400 C is a castable fibre-reinforced cement mortar, polymer-modified, super fluid self-compacting, controlled shrinkage, class R4, compliant with UNI EN 1504-3 and 1504-6, specific for structural repairs, embedment and anchoring.

Super-fluid self-compacting
Pliable castable texture
Quick setting
Mechanical strength
High adhesion strength


Licata Repair 400 C self Compacting

Repair 400 C is a single-component, pre-mixed, controlled shrinkage cement mortar with aca stable and pliable, super-fluid, self-compacting texture, made with high resistance hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, special additives and HP fibres, for the reconstruction or cross-section increase of reinforced concrete structures, for in-ground fixing of re-bars, anchor rod sand fixing castings.

Main Areas Of Application

Repair 400 C was formulated to ensure the best performance levels in all work where dimensionally stable mortar is required, with superior mechanical performance and high workability. Repair 400 C is recommended for anchoring and precision filling and it can be used as it is in thicknesses of between 5 and 30 mm. For thicknesses of between 30 and 100 mm, the product needs to be supplemented with selected aggregates. It is mainly intended for use in:

  • Precision in-ground fixing of light or heavy duty machines, boring machines, alternators, compressors, milling machines, cranes, crushing mills, rolling mills, marble and paper processing machines, various types of presses, metallic structures, lathes, drawing machines, turbines, etc.
  • The product proves to be particularly suitable for filling cavities and rigid connections between concrete elements.
  • For the reconstruction or cross-section increase of structures such as beams, pillars, kerb stones, etc.
  • Repair 400 C is also suitable for the restoration of concrete flooring, for horizontal castings, the restoration and restructuring in form work of the most common cement substrates used in construction.


  • Super-fluid self-compacting. The purpose-devised additives lends the fresh product great spreadability, making it possible to reach and fill all cavities, even those furthest from the casting.
  • Pliable castable texture. The formula of Repair 400 C makes it possible to regulate the fluidity of the mixture to achieve flat floors or also slightly sloping ones, adapting it to specific laying requirements.
  • Quick setting. The use of special accelerating additives drastically reduces finishing times, making Repair 400 C ready to be walked over after 2 hours and driven over 3-4 hours after application.
  • Mechanical strength. The high-performance hydraulic binders, selected inert materials with constant particle size curve and the pozzolanic additives lend it superior mechanical values. Repair 400 C falls into the highest class in terms of bending strength and compression resistance of the 1504-3 standard and fully meet the requirements of class R4.
  • High adhesion strength. Repair 400 C is a polymer-modified mortar (PCC). The adhesion values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions of frost, heat and chemical aggression are proof of its reliability over time in restoration work.

Additional Info

Colour Grey
Weight 25 KG
Preparation 4.5 – 5 litres of clean water for every 25kg bag
Yield Consumption 19 kg/m² every 10mm of thickness

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