Nano Primer

Primer fixative with consolidation and water repellency properties, with very high penetration, acrylic and silicone polymer-base in water dispersion, with specific anti-saline and anti efflorescence action.

Nano Primer range offers all the benefits listed below.

Water vapour permeability and water repellent
Anti-saline action
Excellent consolidation properties
Low VOC Content

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Licata Nano Primer Acrylic and Silicone Polymer-Base

NanoPrimer is particularly indicated for consolidation treatment, water repellent, protective anti-saline and anti-efflorescence properties on absorbent building materials of mineral and various nature such as: lime/cement based plasters | gypsum | drywall | panels in fibre-cement | blocks in cellular cement | exposed brick | concrete | natural stone | tuff | terracotta | mortar-cement substrates of various nature.


  • Universal: NanoPrimer can be applied on most of the substrates commonly used in the construction industry.
  • Water vapour permeability and water repellency: NanoPrimer penetrates deeply, without altering the permeability to water vapour, leaving the treated substrate highly breathable and at the same time water repellent.
  • Anti-saline action and reduction of efflorescence: NanoPrimer prevents the salts dissolved in the water from emerging at the surface, thus avoiding peeling, exfoliation, surface disintegration and unsightly bleaching.
  • Excellent consolidation properties: NanoPrimer is ideal for the treatment of weak or chalky substrates.
  • Low VOC Content: very low releases, compliant according to European standards regarding volatile organic components.
  • Reduces the absorption of the substrates: ideal also on new surfaces, it limits the absorption of the subsequent decorative layers, maximising the yield.

Additional Info

Weight Colours Consumption
5 ltr & 10 ltr Clear 0.100 – 0.1500 lt/m²
Size 10ltr, 5ltr

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Safety Data Sheet

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