Isolante LG Primer

  • BBA & ETA Certified
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Over 700 colours available
  • High coverage
  • Universal primer
  • Ready to use





Isolante LG is a universal primer that can be pigmented, an acrylic and quartz polymer-based preparation coat. With a gripping function, Isolante LG is particularly effective as base coat for supports to standardise in colour and absorption, to consolidate and prepare for the subsequent application of paste wall decorative finish coats. Available in white and various Greusystemcolors exterior colours.

The product can be applied to a large part of concrete supports, concrete, plastered surfaces, prefabricated concrete panels, thermal insulation systems greutherm. Do not apply the product on old organic paintwork, inconsistent, degraded or crumbling supports. Do not apply the product on fresh or particularly alkaline supports; comply with a minimum carbonation period of at least four weeks. Critical supports should be submitted to a dedicated suitability assessment beforehand.

The application support must be well dry and seasoned, clean, consistent, free from dust and oily substances, with no humidity and salts. Before working , mix the product with a clean, rust-free electric drill. A small amount of clean water may be added (max 10%). Then apply with brush or roller one coat of Isolante LG – to consolidate and uniform substrate’s absorption and if tinted, to match the finish coating.

Additional information


Over 700 Colours Available


20 KG


Ready to use/maximum 10% water

Yield Consumption

0.250 KG/m2