ENCANTO – Polished Metallic Plaster Finish

Eco-friendly decorative paint, ideal for creating reflective shades that change according to the light. Since 2006, the original metallic effect on the wall, versatile, capable to create different hues while maintaining our principles of eco-friendliness and well-being.

Encanto is…

An ecological decorative paint characterised by a range of metallic finish effects ranging from sandblasted to polished and everything in between. If Encanto decorative finishes can be said to have a common characteristic it is their ability to interact with light in a variety of ways that enable you to establish whatever mood you have in mind for a particular space.

Another attribute of Encanto metallic finishes is their ability to inform and enhance any architectural style from classical to Victorian, country to contemporary. Encanto is timeless in character, evocative in nature and versatile as a matter of course. Application is straightforward and the finished product is both low maintenance and extremely durable.

Encanto Metallic Finish Light Effects

There are countless brands of house paint available today and many will do a perfectly adequate job. But when adequate simply isn’t enough discerning homeowners, interior design professionals and architects turn to Encanto metallic finishes for their unrivalled ability to transcend their status as mere wall finish and provide something far more gratifying and enriching.

Create Atmosphere, Set the Mood with Encanto

The various encanto finishes are capable of establishing whatever type of atmosphere or setting whatever kind of mood you have in mind. This ecological paint produces a very agreeable, soft surface and exudes iridescent qualities that captivate and calm the spirit. Disphenous metallic overtones produce subtle surface movement that activates the space without overwhelming it.

Here are just a few of the many effects you can create using Encanto decorative finishes.

Perseo Effetto Lunare

Invoke the soft, soulful surface of the moon with Encanto Perseo Effetto Lunare. This surface treatment is easy to achieve, wholly original and safe to wash. Perfect for any space where you wish to create a relaxed contemplative mood.

Encanto Verticale

An active though not overbearing decorative wall finish that evokes an antique metal surface. Subtle shading creates visual movement and produces the impression that the space is taller than it is. With a fine grain finish that is soft to the touch, Encanto Verticale is easy on the eye and easy to clean.

Pegaso Incrociato Effetto Trame

The subtle cross-weaving of Pegaso Incrociato Effetto Trame invokes a familiar feel, not unlike linen, that is elegant and relaxed, though slightly rough to the touch. The metallic effect here waxes and wanes depending on the intensity and direction of the light brought to bear.

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