MAVERICKS – Elegant Velvet Finish

A water-based paint for interiors characterised by luminescent reflections and three-dimensional colour effects evoking the movement of sea waves. MAVERICKS is easy to apply and creates pleasant, charming effects that are decidedly original and extremely refined. It creates uniquely decorated rooms thanks to the crystalline particles it contains.

If you are looking for wall finishes to activate your seaside interior decor, or to add mystery and magic to a living room, child’s room, bathroom or hall, Mavericks should be on your radar. The number and type of effects that can be achieved with this paint are limited only by the imagination and the outstanding durability of the paint ensures you will not have to worry about re-painting any time soon.

Simple, Straightforward Application

Creating the myriad flat finish effects possible with Mavericks requires supplementing the existing containers with two L50 cans of differing colours. Mixing is easy and achieving stunning luminescent effects is possible with just a modicum of practice.

Preparation of the surface does not require any extraordinary effort. Simply adhere to best practices for painting any interior surface with a water-based paint. That typically means removing any peeling or otherwise non-adhering paint and, if necessary, washing down the wall with soapy water to remove any grease or grime that could interfere with adherence. If rough spots remain after cleaning, smooth them down with a fine sandpaper before applying an appropriate fixative.

In Praise of Mavericks Velvet Wall Finishes

Velvet finishes are likely not the first that come to mind when redecorating, but there is a compelling argument that they should be. Mavericks velvet flat finish paints are easy to use as we mentioned, mixing is straightforward and does not require any special equipment or training. Oftentimes no priming is required because Mavericks provide excellent coverage without having to lather on the paint.

Our velvety wave wall finishes are easy to achieve with the paint leaving behind no chalky residue. It also dries quickly and does not require any type of post-application treatment. Like all Licata products Mavericks velvet finish paints are also environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous materials or compounds. It’s all part of our belief that world-class construction/decoration materials and the environment don’t need to have an adversarial relationship.

Of course, the best argument for employing the Mavericks velvet finish paint system is the final results, which are routinely spectacular and can be manipulated to set whatever type of mood or create whatever type of atmosphere you have in mind. These are truly next level wall finishes that produce lasting value. And, as just a bit of icing on the cake, when you’re finished, clean up is fast and easy with nothing more than some soapy water.

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