SABULADOR – Smooth Sand Plaster Finish

A water-based paint for interiors with special luminescent sandy reflections that is easy to apply. SABULADOR can be used to create unique and refined settings. Two versions of the product are available: LUX, the product’s historical version with a brighter effect, and MATT, the matt version.

Sabulador Lux

Sabulador Lux has long been one of our most popular interior water-based sand textured finishings for walls and ceilings. There are a number of good reasons for that, including the fact that Sabulador Lux is highly breathable, requires little by way of surface preparation and can be painted over at a later date with any water-based paint. Sabulador Lux sand plaster finishes are also surprisingly easy to keep fresh and new looking since, after 15 days, it can be washed with water and any gentle detergent.

Surface preparation is typical for interior water-based paints. Make sure that plaster walls are stable and free of impurities. With painted walls remove any peeling paint or chalking paint, sanding the wall where necessary, and then wash the surface to remove anything that might compromise adherence.

If need be fill any cracks and once the filler has dried apply two coats of Primart 600 as per instructions on the container. If the surface to be painted is a relatively new and smooth surface with few imperfections simply take a sanding block to it where necessary and then apply a single coat of Primart 600. In just a few hours you can proceed with the Sabulador Lux sand finish.

Sabulador Matt

Surface prep for Sabulador Matt sand finish plaster is similar to that of Sabulador Lux. If the walls and ceilings to be painted are distressed to some degree remove any peeling, chipped or chalking paint and then wash the surface down to remove any impurities. Fill any cracks and once the filler dries proceed with sanding the wall until you have an agreeably smooth surface.

Once the surface is ready apply two coats of Primart 600 approximately 4 hours apart as per instructions. However, if the surface is in basically good shape take a sanding block to any areas that may need it to smooth the wall then apply a single coat of Primart 600. Wait 4 hours and then apply the Sabulador Matt sand textured finish.

With Sabulador Lux and Sabulador Matt, it’s easy to achieve deeply satisfying sand dune effects, including a stratified sand dune effect evoking what one would find in the depths of the Grand Canyon. As with all our textured paints, Sabulador Lux and Sabulador Matt are free of atmospheric pollutants, free of dangerous substances and free of formaldehyde. To learn more stop by one of our London depots, call or email the Licata team at

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