TRAVERTINO ROMANO – Decorative Stone Effectstone Plaster

The beauty of nature, the strength of natural stone, an eco-friendly innovation by Oikos. Since 2004, it has been using powdered quarry waste, with the addition of mixed binders, to form a creamy paste that, when applied on the wall, reproduces the same natural texture without altering its characteristics.

Travertine has been used as a building material since the time of the Romans. Today it is still used around the house for countertops, walls, backsplashes, pool decks, bathtub and fireplace surrounds and more. Today, however, this timeless building material is in danger of being overexploited. Oikos, the makers of Travertino Romano, have responded to the challenge to safeguard travertine supplies for future generations by creating this stone effect stone plaster from residual quarry waste and a variety of eco-friendly binders.

Not an Imitation, A Reproduction

Travertino Romano stone effect stone plaster is the first product to effectively reproduce the look and feel of travertine. It’s a stunning achievement, one that is unprecedented and may well show the way as concerns for other natural stone reserves come to the fore. Travertino Romano has a number of practical advantages as well including its outstanding adherence to a variety of materials including wood, iron, plastic and more, and its breathability which helps prevent the formation of mould or algae.

Travertino Romano is not an imitation of travertine, it is in fact a completely natural reproduction. Comprised of travertine quarry waste and lime along with leading-edge binders this finish plaster provides nothing less than travertine in paste form. When applied by skilled artisans using specially developed tools and techniques Travertino Romano can be the element that provides a timeless elegance to your interior or exterior decor.

Travertino Romano can reproduce a number of breathtaking travertine effects including that of travertine natural stone walls (Travertino Monolitico), travertine blocks (Travertino Pietra Antica), textured surfaces evoking the craters of the moon (Travertino Granato), the effect of heavily weathered stone surfaces (Travertino Spaccato) and of course the mesmerising effect of travertine in polished plaster (Travertino Levigato).

Uniquely Compelling, Uniquely Responsible

Travertino Romano is perhaps unique among building materials due to its versatility and its ability to effectively reproduce a treasured ancient building material. And like all products that we at Licata distribute, Travertino Romano also upholds its end of the eco-friendly bargain. It contains no dangerous materials such as formaldehyde and is produced in accordance with eco-sustainable best practices.

Travertino Romano stone effect finish plaster combines outstanding technical performance with unmatched aesthetic versatility underpinned by a profound commitment on the part of both Oikos and Licata to a high level of social responsibility. We encourage you to stop by one of our Greater London depots and witness examples of this breakthrough decorative building material for yourself.

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