Brick Brick Slips London

A brick slip is a type of decorative tile that, when installed, produces the look of a genuine brick wall. There are a variety of different types of brick slips available including extruded clay slips, moulded concrete slips, and those made from acrylic. Due mostly to their weight concrete slips are the least popular type of brick slips in London.

Licata clay and acrylic brick slips London

Licata brick slips are incredibly versatile building materials that are regularly used to fulfil a variety of residential and commercial applications. Our clay and acrylic brick slips can be found throughout the capital on the exterior and interior walls of restaurants and shops, inside everything from lavish estate houses to modest 2-up 2-downs, and both inside and outside schools, office buildings and institutions.

Acrylic Brick Slip

In a town as steeped in tradition as London our acrylic brick slips are a significant hit. They enable home and business owners to maintain a traditional appearance while at the same time enabling them to keep their budgets under control. The following are just some of the other benefits of this product:

Key Features

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Outstanding resistance to all types of weather
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain
  • Indistinguishable from natural brick
  • Available in nearly 3 dozen different colours
  • Highly impact resistant


If you’re looking for a material that will help you put the finishing touches on your new build or remodel in London, consider clay and acrylic brick slips from Licata.

Clay Brick Slip

Licata Clay Brick Slips are the kind of building material that makes a designer or contractor’s job easy. They’re an ideal form of exterior cladding for both home and business, providing the timeless look of masonry that will stand up to even the closest scrutiny.

Whether you are engaged in a new build or renovation you’ll find Licata Clay Brick Slips fulfil a plethora of practical and aesthetic requirements, and maybe most importantly, do so without draining your bank account or busting your project budget.

Key Features

  • Suitable for various interior & exterior applications
  • UV resistant, won’t fade under intense sunlight
  • Extremely durable and will last for decades
  • Increases the kerb appeal of any structure
  • Tiles dovetail perfectly for a seamless finish
  • Our tiles are burner from a high-quality pure clay
  • Perfect complement to other insulation systems
  • Won’t play host to algae, lichen, fungi or other microbes

Brick Slip Systems

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LicataTherm Anti-Crack Cement Free

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