Plaster Render System

Why Our Plaster Renders Matter

There are some 24 million homes in the UK. Of that total, approximately 40% were constructed before the Second World War. That means there are more than 9.5 million homes built when notions of energy efficiency and insulation were little more than things academics and futurists discussed during cocktail parties. While some older buildings have had their insulation profiles upgraded in recent years, millions have not.

That’s where Licata plaster renders come in. If you own, or have been contracted to upgrade one of those poorly insulated pre-WWII homes our render plaster solutions are just the thing. They are affordable, versatile, easy to apply and extremely durable. In short, a Licata plaster render can transform a heat sieve of a structure into a model of energy efficiency.

More About Our Render Plaster Systems

The ancient Egyptians used plaster 4,000 years ago to create smooth, agreeable walls on the interiors of their palaces, temples and tombs and festooned those plastered walls with complex narrative paintings that still exist today in close to their original state. The Greeks were (and continue to be) big fans of plaster and used it 2,500 years ago in their homes and state buildings.

Today, nearly every building whether residential and commercial, contains some degree of plaster work. And why is that? Because plaster remains as useful, versatile and cost-effective today as it was when the Parthenon was new. Licata render plaster adheres to virtually any substrate, dries quickly, is light enough that it will not endanger fragile older walls and ceilings and exhibits considerable water repellence. And just to sweeten the pot a bit, Licata plaster renders are available in more than 700 colours.

Trust Licata

Licata plaster renders can quickly and effectively transform the energy profile of your home, enhance its aesthetic appeal and increase its value. Although they are the direct descendent of age-old building materials and processes, render plasters nonetheless exhibit all the most desirable characteristics of ideal contemporary construction materials: simplicity, versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Reduce your energy bills, bring your home’s carbon footprint into line with contemporary standards, enhance the kerb appeal of your home, increase its longevity and enjoy an ROI that’s robust even by Licata’s typically generous standards with our render plaster solutions for home and business.

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Products Required

This render system offers a choice of products for the basecoat. Only one product from each section is required to complete the system.

Aggrapante LG Primer

Raso W160 Basecoat/Adhesive



Artica Plaster

Isolante LG Primer

Silicone Paint

Silicone Paint

Our top coat renders are available in over 700 colours. Below are some of our most popular coloured renders. All our colours are available in acrylic, silicone or silicate formula. To find out more about our wide range of colour options, come into store or give us call.