Silicone Paint

  • BBA Certified
  • Suitable for exterior application
  • High water-resistance
  • Available in over 700 colours
  • Anti-mould and algae properties
  • Excellent workability
  • Ready to use


  • Silicone Paint is indicated for the decoration of substrates in external environments, on new or existing residential, industrial or commercial buildings | it is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks | it is applicable on substrates such as: hydraulic lime-based finishes | common lime-based finishes | lime/cement based finishes | dehumidification systems against capillary rising | reinforced skimming systems in the cycles of the restoration of facades | concrete | prefabricated concrete panels | old paint as long as it it still cohesive and consistent.

    Low dirt pick-up: Silicone Paint is also ideal as a final decorative finish for facades in places subject to high concentrations of dust or pollutants, thanks to its low dirt pick-up.
    Excellent water vapour permeability: thanks to the careful selection of silicone binders, Silicone Paint has excellent water vapour permeability that makes it ideal as a finishing on dehumidification systems or breathable cycles.
    High water repellency: the special formulation of Silicone Paint allows complete protection from atmospheric agents, creating an unbroken skin that prevents penetration by rainwater, thus keeping walls dry.
    Versatility: the fine grading curve combined with meticulous research and selection of raw materials means professionals can apply Silicone Paint both manually and mechanically.
    Protection against mould and algae: the special mould-proof additives present in the formula ensure an excellent degree of protection against the formation of mould and algae.

Additional information


Over 700 Colours Available


25 KG


Ready to use

Yield Consumption

Scracthed 2mm: 3.0 KG/m2, Stippled 1.2mm: 2.0 KG/m2, Stippled 1.5mm: 2.6 KG/m2, Stippled 1mm: 1.7 KG/m2, Stippled 2mm: 3.2 KG/m2