NanoSil Paint 25kg

Mineral paint for professional use with a base of potassium silicate, with photocatalytic action. Ideal for the decoration of new/existing facades in buildings exposed to high levels of environmental pollution.

Photocatalytic and self-cleaning
Anti-bacterial action
Mineral Product



Licata NanoSil Paint

NanoSil paint is indicated for the decoration of substrates in internal and external environments, on new or existing residential, industrial or commercial buildings | It is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks | It is applicable on substrates such as: cementitious-based residential finishing | already painted surfaces, after careful checking and cleaning of the substrate | tunnels | underpasses | concrete.


  • Photocatalytic and self-cleaning: the addition of special nanometric pigments gives NanoSil Paint specific photocatalytic properties that allow the oxidation of the polluting substances deposited on the surface.
  • Anti-bacterial action: thanks to the action of the photocatalytic oxidation-reduction and decomposition of the microorganisms, NanoSil Paint is an excellent anti-mould and anti-algae paint.
  • Mineral Product: paint formulated with a potassium silicate base in water dispersion and free from solvents, NanoSil Paint combines multiple application properties to a totally mineral matrix allowing for greater comfort during the application phase and reducing health risks to the absolute minimum.
  • Breathable: formulated with mineral binders, NanoSil Paint creates a layer that does not form a film. It is microporous, and therefore breathable.

Additional Info

Colours White
Consumption 0.300 – 0.350 kg/m²
Weight 25 KG


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