Raso Therm 400

Skim coating in paste with high elasticity, adhesion and impact resistance.



Rasotherm 400

Skim coating in paste with high elasticity, adhesion and impact resistance.

Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Glueing and decorative skim coating of deformable insulating panels (wood and cork), to create reinforced ETICS. Repair of cracked or micro-cracked façades.

Recommended applications:
Glueing and skim coating of all kinds of insulating panels. Skim coating of all the most common surfaces used in construction.

  • Suitable substrates (indoor or outdoor)
  • X-Lam wooden substrates
  • Plaster and cement-lime base finishes
  • Concrete or polymeric skim coating
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete
  • Insulating panels in general, even made of cork


The high impact resistance: makes it ideal for skirting bands and as a hail protective coating.
Fluidity and ease of processing reduce fatigue and laying times.
The improved water retention makes it a perfect solution also for skim coating wood and cork.
The high elasticity allows the use as a decorative masking of porous and cracked façades.
The aesthetically uniform finish allows the creation of decorations in a single layer.

Appearance and color




Applicazione esternaApplicazione internaFrattazzo collaFrattazzo liscioLicataTherm

Additional Info


White paste

Particle size

<0.5 mm


From 3 to 4 kg/m2

Preparation of the product

Ready to use, max. 1% water

Overlay time at 20 °C

24-48 hours

Storage in unopened original packaging

12 months in a dry place between +5° and +35°C


25 kg polypropylene bucket

Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet