Mono Eco Basecoat/Adhesive

A lime-based render with great adhesion and workability. Its raw material makeup makes it extremely breathable, which helps regulate internal humidity levels. Ideal for use in BioArchitecture construction and restoration.

Key Features

Lime based render
Suitable for interior and exterior application
Great workability
Excellent anti-shrinking capacity
Ideal in Bio Architecture interventions


Mono Eco Basecoat/Adhesive

A breathable lime-based render plaster coat made from natural raw materials. Combines natural hydrated lime, a hydraulic binder and special additives which help improve the cohesion and workability of the plaster.


The special formulation of Mono Eco gives it a fluidity and workability that provides high levels of adhesion even when applied in thick layers.

Vapour permeability

Naturally-derived ingredients give Mono Eco excellent aqueous vapour permeability with low capillary absorption. This makes it excellent at regulating the internal humidity and structural health of indoor environments.

High adhesion

Mono Eco can be applied either manually or by machine, and is suitable for a range of internal and external substrates such as brick, stone, masonry, tufa, cement, and concrete.

Low shrinkage

The addition of hydrated lime to Mono Eco increases the elasticity of the render and prevents it shrinking and cracking as it dries.

Additional Info

Size 1.4mm, 1mm
Weight Grain size Colours Consumption
25kg between 1mm – 1.5mm White 13 kg/m²

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