Resin Multi Colour Wall Coating

  • Ready to use
  • Suitable for interior and exterior application
  • Water repellent
  • Abrasion resistant
  • 9 colours available




Multi Colour is indicated for the decoration of substrates in internal and external environments, on new or existing residential, industrial or commercial buildings | it is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks. | It is applicable on substrates such as: thermal plasters | lime or lime/cement based plasters | reinforced skim coats in the cycles of the restoration of facades with hairline cracks | concrete | prefabricated concrete panels.

High resistance to abrasion: the composition of Multi Colour, with a base of ceramic grains, gives the coating excellent resistance to abrasion.

Resistance to weathering: the special formulation of Multi Colour allows complete protection from atmospheric agents, creating an unbroken skin that prevents penetration by rainwater, thus keeping walls dry.

Workability: the thixotropy of the coating joins with its excellent fluidity and good adhesion to the substrate to reduce the detachment of material during application to the absolute minimum.

High aesthetic effect: Thanks to the careful mix of ceramic grains of various colouration, Multi Colour allows mono and pluricromatic finishes with high aesthetic impact.

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9 Colours Available


25 KG


Ready to use

Yield Consumption

3 KG/m2