Siloxan LG

Pigmentable primer with high coating and transpiring power.



Siloxan LG

Pigmentable primer with high coating and transpiring power.

Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Prepare walls and ceilings before laying Siloxan Colorand Siloxan Paint and siloxane materials in general.
Recommended applications:
Consolidate and improve the adhesion of vertical and horizontal surfaces, even very absorbent or crumbling, before laying decorative coatings.
Siloxan LG is indicated for the preparation of external, internal, new or existing substrates, on residential, industrial or commercial buildings.
It is suitable for application on the following substrates:

  • Thermal plasters
  • Lime, cement or lime/cement-based plasters
  • Reinforced skim coats
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete
  • Old paint or coatings
  • Absorbent substrates
  • Plasterboard


Transpiring: Siloxan binders ensure high vapour permeability.
High binding power ensured by the latest generation of acrylic polymers.
Also suitable for indoor works thanks to the low volatile compound content.
Excellent penetration limits the excessive absorption of porous surfaces.
Universally compatible with the most common substrates used in construction.
Wide choice of colours compatible with the licatacolore2.0 folder. Choosing the colour of the next finish will enhance the final result.

Appearance and color




Applicazione esternaApplicazione internaPennelloRullo

Can be pigmented

Licata Colore 2.0

Additional Info


Liquid – White

Grain size – Yield

0.200 – 0.250 kg/m2


Ready to use, max. 1% water

Drying time

Dry to the touch about 1-2 hours Completely dry about 24 hours

Application temperature

between +5 °C and +35 °C and 70% R.H.

Storage in unopened original packaging

12 months in a dry place between +5° and +35°C


20 kg polypropylene bucket

Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet