Idrosil Exterior Silicate Paint 20kg

Idrosil Exterior is a mineral based paint, made of silicate of potassium, in aqueous solution, with aggregates of siliceous nature, suitable for the decoration of exterior walls. The product has high breathability combined with a good water resistant. The product complies with the requirements of DIN 18363 (organic component less than 5%).



Licata Idrosil Exterior Mineral Micro-Coating

Idrosil Exterior is indicated for the decoration of new or existing external surfaces on residential, industrial or commercial buildings | It is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks. | It is applicable on substrates such as: lime-based residential finishing | cementitious-based residential finishing | gypsum (after application of primer in case of very low absorption smoothing | already painted surfaces | after careful checking and cleaning of the substrate | concrete.

Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Paint surfaces that require a finish with high transpiring qualities together with waterproofing, especially in combination with materials based on potassium silicates.

Recommended applications:
Paint transpiring surfaces of all kinds: Commercial and residential buildings, showrooms, homes, etc.

  • Lime-based civil finishes
  • Cement-based civil finishes
  • Gypsum (after application of a primer in case of smoothing with very low absorption)
  • Pre-painted surfaces, after thorough verification and cleaning (or priming) of the substrate
  • Concrete

Standard version: can be coloured according to the licatacolore2.0 colour fan.


Good covering power thanks to the high degree of opacity and the high white point.
Odourless and with low VOC content (< 30g/L), therefore ideal for use indoors.
Very high transpiring feature: the porous structure and silicone binders guarantee extraordinary vapour permeability.

Appearance and color

Bianco - Neutro

Bianco – Neutro

Reference standards

DIN 18363


Applicazione esternaPennelloRullo

Can be pigmented

Licata Colore 2.0

Additional Info

Colours Selection available from more than 999 colours
Consumption 0.250 – 0.350 kg/m²
Weight 20 KG

Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet