Screed WT

Pre-mixed, ready-to-use mortar with medium-fast drying and controlled shrinkage,

based on high-strength hydraulic binders, selected sands and specific additives. Suitable

for creating internal and external screeds on which to glue floors.

It can be laid with ceramic, natural stone and marble floors, even after only 24 hours from installation, after 72 hours from installation, for wood, rubber, PVC floors, the waiting time will be about one week (in any case, it is always advisable to check the residual humidity with a carbide hygrometer).



LBS Screed WT


Screed WT is ideal for the waterproofing refurbishment of floors thanks to the WT additives

– The surface hydrophobic film improves curing and mechanical strengths

– The controlled hydraulic shrinkage protects from passing-through cracks

– The open and rough final structure impedes capillary absorption

– The additivation mitigates the effects of evaporation too fast or slow

– High and stable adhesion is assured even in reverse water pressure


-Preparation of an unabsorbing, even thick layer before the pose of flooring coverings (class C25 F5 according to EN 13813) -Making of “humid earth consistency” screeds, for renewal and restoration of flooring substrates subject to heavy rising damp, against-earth, ecc

– Flooring subject to erosion by water – Waterproofing grip mortars/rough coats – Old flooring substrates – Concrete – Aerated concrete – Cotto, bricks, stone – Every kind of mortar – Cementitious materials in general, as long as they have a water absorption not excessive and not completely absent


Additional Info

Weight 30kg
Colour Grey
Consumption 1.95kg/m² per mm

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