NanoSil Primer

Transparent fixative primer for professional use based on stabilised potassium silicate. It has excellent characteristics of water vapour permeability and adhesion to the substrate. Specific in the cycles of the external decoration with photo catalytic properties.

NanoSil Primer range offers all the benefits listed below.

Photocatalytic and slef-cleaning
High adhesive strength
Mineral Product

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Licata NanoSil Primer

Licata NanoSil Primer is indicated as the base of substrates in internal and external environments, on new or existing residential, industrial or commercial buildings. | It is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks. | It is applicable on substrates such as: cementitious-based residential finishing | already painted surfaces | after careful checking and cleaning of the substrate | tunnels | underpasses | concrete.


  • Photocatalytic and slef-cleaning: the specific formulation of NanoSil Primer maximises the effect of the photocatalytic decoration that, by means of nanometric particles, allows the oxidation of the polluting substances deposited on the surface.
  • High adhesive strength: the primer, formulated with a stabilised potassium silicate base gives it high adhesive strength, in that NanoSil Primer creates a tenacious bond with the substrate through the proces of silicatisation.
  • Mineral Product: primer formulated with a potassium silicate base in water dispersion and free from solvents, NanoSil primer combines optimal application properties to a totally mineral matrix allowing for greater comfort during the application phase and reducing health risks to the absolute minimum.
  • Breathable: formulated with mineral binders, NanoSil Primer creates a layer that does not form a film. It is microporous, and therefore breathable.

Additional Info

Size Colours Consumption
5 L Colourless 0.150 – 0.200 L/m²


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