NanoSil Primer

Transparent fixative primer for professional use based on stabilised potassium silicate. It has excellent characteristics of water vapour permeability and adhesion to the substrate. Specific in the cycles of the external decoration with photo catalytic properties.

NanoSil Primer range offers all the benefits listed below.

Photocatalytic and slef-cleaning
High adhesive strength
Mineral Product

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Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Create binding bridges for walls and ceilings, even very smooth, before laying NanoSil Paint, or in any case of transpiring materials.

Recommended applications:
Improve the adhesion of vertical and horizontal surfaces, even very absorbent, before the laying of decorative water-based paints.

  • Suitable substrates (indoors or outdoors):
  • Lime, cement or lime/cement-based plasters
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete
  • Old paints as long as they are properly pre-treated

Standard version: it can be coloured according to the licatacolore2.0 colour fan in soft colours. For a better photo-catalysis action it is recommended to leave it white.


Maximizes the photo-catalysis effect of subsequent treatments.
Also suitable for indoor works due to low VOC content.
Excellent penetrating power limits the absorption of porous surfaces.
Universally compatible with the most common substrates used in construction.
Very high transpiring feature typical of silicates, makes the entire decorative cycle water- repellent and anti-mould.

Appearance and color




AirlessAntialgaAntimuffaApplicazione esternaApplicazione internaPennelloRullo

Can be pigmented

Licata Colore 2.0

Additional Info

Size Colours Consumption
5 L Colourless 0.150 – 0.200 L/m²


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