LicaPlan Premixed Screed 30kg

Premixed Screed, ready to use with normal grip and fast drying, polymer-modified, based on hydraulic binders with high resistance.

Suitable for interior and exterior application
Easy workability
Quick drying
High mechanical strength
Excellent dimensional stability


Licata LicaPlan Premixed Screed 30kg

Lica Plan is specifically for the realisation of traditional screeds in both indoor and outdoor environments, on existing and new slabs, as well as for small repairs and renovations of the screed. Ceramics can be applied after 24 hours. Natural stone after 48 hours | carpet – 4 days | wood – 7 days (with residual humidity <2%) | PVC – 7 days (with a residual humidity <2%) | linoleum – 7 days (with a residual humidity <2%) | parquet – 7 days (with a residual humidity <2%) | resins – 7 days (with a residual humidity <2%).


  • Easy Workability: Lica Plan is simply mixed with water, minimising the possibility of errors in the dosage of the binder and the inert material chosen.
  • Quick Drying: the use of special additives allows the formation of screeds that are suitable to foot traffic and can be tiled after 24 – 48 hour.
  • High mechanical strength: the high-performance hydraulic binders and selected inert materials give high mechanical strength, allowing the identification of LicaPlan as conforming to the classes CT – C25 – F4 of the standard UNI EN 13813.

Additional Info

Weight 30kg
Colour Grey
Consumption 16-17kg/m² per 10 mm thickness

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