Hydro Bielasto 200 Cement Mortar Waterproof

Two-component cemetitious elastic sheath, specifically for the waterproofing and protection of concrete.

Easy workability.
High adhesion strength.
Rapid curing.
High flexibility.
Effective curing.



Hydro Bielasto 200 Cement Mortar Waterproof

Hydro BiElasto 200 was formulated in such a way as to ensure the best performance in the interventions of waterproofing and protection of the most common cementitious substrates adopted in the construction industry. It is indicated for the waterproofing of: substrates before the laying of floors and ceramic coatings | roofs, balconies, terraces, screeds, even if they are old, as long as they are compact and not powdery | pools and tanks | hydraulic works such as irrigation ditches or eaves, dams, etc. | prefabricated concrete or cast in situ | autoclaved aerated concrete | cement substrates of various nature.


  • Easy workability: the use of special additives and spherical quartz inert fillers with a controlled constant grading curve, makes Hydro Bielasto 200 extremely smooth, simple to work and apply, effectively meeting all the application requirements of a construction site.
  • High adhesion strength: Hydro Bielasto 200 is a polymer-modified cement mortar. The binding values obtained after exposure to extreme conditions are proof of its long-lasting reliability.
  • Rapid curing: this characteristics allow short wait times between the first and second coat and subsequent tiling, even under conditions of low temperature (max 48 hours)
  • High flexibility
  • Effective curing: it cure effectively on most of the substrates, even partially wet ones.

Additional Info

Colour Grey
Weight 29 KG
Yield Consumption 1.6 kg/m²

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