Acrylic Top Coat Render

Acrylic Top Coat Render range offers all the benefits listed below.

BBA & ETA certified
Suitable for exterior application
High water-resistance
Available in over 700 colours
Anti-mould and algae properties
Excellent workability
Ready to use


Licata Acrylic Top Coat Render

Licata Acrylic Top Coat Render is a coating made with water-dispersed acrylic binder paste, ready for use and which can be pigmented. Lerici is specifically designed for work on new or existing façades, as well as for the decorative phase of reinforced skim coating, and in licata therm external solid insulation. Owing to its formula, Lerici provides complete protection for the façade against rain and atmospheric agents; it is particularly effective in critical weather and environmental conditions (humid climate or in the presence of smog). The special additives contained in the formula guarantees outstanding protection against algal and mould growth. Combined with colouring pastes, Lerici guarantees good durability, gloss and full colours. Available in 4 particle sizes.

The process of rendering is a construction technique that involves the application of a coating to the exterior of a residential or commercial property for the purpose of repairing an old exterior wall, sealing said wall or walls against the elements or giving an older building a clean, more modern look.

Historically, concrete was the go-to material for exterior renders, but today new materials have entered the render space, including acrylic. An acrylic render in London is thinner than a concrete render, is available in a multitude of colour choices and is seriously hydrophobic.

Main Areas Of Application

Lerici is recommended for decorating internal substrates, whether new or existing, on residential, industrial or commercial buildings. It is advisable to use the product on seasoned substrates, in other words after a curing time of at least four weeks. It is applicable to substrates such as:

  • Smooth concrete
  • Licata therm thermal insulation systems
  • Thermal renders
  • Lime/cement based renders or skim coatings
  • Reinforced skim coating in façade restoration work
  • Concrete
  • Prefabricated concrete panels


  • High hydrophobicity: the particular formula of Lerici allows complete protection against atmospheric agents, creating a continuous film that prevents the passage of rainwater and therefore keeping the walls dry.
  • Workability: the thixotropy of the coating combines excellent spreadability of the coating with good adhesion to the substrate to minimise any material peeling during processing.
  • Improved pot life: Lerici, in standard conditions, makes for easier work on large-size façades thanks to an improvement made to the extended working time.
  • Algal and mould protection: the special mould-proof additives found in the formula guarantee an excellent degree of protection against algal and mould growth.
  • Extensive range of colours: from pastel hues to particularly bright shades, Lerici can be pigmented in over 600 different types of colour.
  • Flexibility: concrete renders still have their place, but for older structures or structures resting on unstable ground an acrylic render from Licata is almost always a better choice. That is because the acrylic makes the render highly flexible so if a part of the house or business subsides a bit the render layer is likely to resist cracking and retain its integrity and visual appeal.
  • Fast set up: some renders may take as much as 4 weeks to fully set up after being applied. Not an acrylic render. An acrylic render may dry thoroughly in as little as 3 days. This means you won’t have to worry about the weather compromising the render layer before it dries, like you do with concrete.

An acrylic render in London is a great way to seal homes and businesses against the elements while simultaneously providing them with a clean, modern look.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits for those who may be unfamiliar with acrylic rendering systems.

BBA & ETA certified

BBA (British Board of Agrément) certifies that a given product has passed rigorous quality-control tests and proven itself to be of high quality. BBA certification is much sought after and we at Licata are proud that our products are so recognised. ETA certification is essentially the European equivalent of BBA certification. ETA certification means that Licata acrylic topcoat rendering systems meet or exceed established quality standards and are approved for use in the European building trades.

Suitable for exterior application

Many products that may seem perfectly acceptable for exterior use will simply not stand up to constantly rising and falling temperatures and roller coaster changes in humidity. Licata acrylic rendering, however, is an outstanding choice for exterior applications due to its flexibility. Our acrylic render has robust anti-crack properties and will not chip or crumble over time due to temperature-related expansion and contraction.

High water-resistance

Water attacks structures from every conceivable angle. Rain, snow and hail pound structures from the outside. Groundwater exerts constant pressure on foundations. And humid air can get trapped inside walls and eat away at framing, electrical wiring and insulation. Licata acrylic render systems are highly water-resistant, making them an ideal material for rendering.

Available in over 700 colours

Whereas some acrylic render manufacturers only offer standard grey or off-white colour options, we at Licata offer our acrylic topcoat in more than 700 colours. If 700 colours are not enough and you decide at a later date that you want to change the colour of your Licata acrylic render, rest assured you can paint over it.

Anti-mould and algae properties

Just about anything exposed to the relentlessly damp climate of the British Isles is going to attract mould and algae, except our acrylic render systems. Due to its formidable water resistance acrylic does not provide a safe haven for mould, fungi or algae.

Excellent workability

Our acrylic topcoat renders can be applied to a multitude of exterior wall surfaces, including timber, concrete, wood and more. Just one more reason so many choose a high-performance acrylic render for their home or business.

Ready to use

Unlike some render materials, Licata acrylic topcoat render is ready to go the minute you lift the lid. This not only saves you a boatload of hassle, but saves you – the home or business owner – money by reducing the amount of time it takes the contractor to apply the render.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Projects

You’ve applied your render and you’re ready to paint. But what paint do you go with for a complete, attractive finish? When it comes to painting your exterior, there’s no end to the design possibilities. From an elegant royal blue to a vibrant green, you can make your home or business look like just about anything you want.

This is also the right time to show off your creative side, paint a mural on the wall or design an art piece which reflects the beauty of your interior. But as mentioned, the question comes to choosing the right finish for your acrylic painting.

There are many paints on the market and it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why Licata carries a wide array of stunning colours and finishes to meet your needs—and personal preferences.

Types of Paint

There are two main types of paint: oil and latex. Oil paints are the traditional option, and they provide a hard, glossy finish; amateurs often prefer this type. Latex paints offer a more natural finish, and they can be easily applied using brushes or rollers.

Key Features to Look For

There are many different types of paints to choose from. Most exterior paints are acrylic latex, but you can also find paint made from natural plant oils and resins. The key features you should consider when choosing a paint include the following:

  • Paint Type
  • Coverage Area
  • Price Range
  • Colour
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Level
  • Brush or Roller Method

Exterior Render Paint

Paint is a necessary part of maintaining your home or business. It can add colour, protect the exterior, and improve the overall look of your property. If you need to paint your render exterior, then you’re going to want to find the best paint for render.

There are a number of factors that go into this decision, but the two most important are:

Coverage: Paint coverage means how much of the surface will be covered in one coat of paint. For example, if you have a small spot to cover, then it might only take one coat but if you have a larger area to cover, then it may take two or more coats of paint.

Finish: The finish—whether matte or glossy—is largely personal preference and should depend on what type of environment (or climate) your house or office is located in.

Additional Info

Colour Over 700 Colours Available
Weight 25 KG
Grain size
  • 1 mm
  • 1.2 mm
  • 1.5 mm
1.5mm – 2.6kg/m²

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Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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