Fibreglass Rendering Mesh Roll 160gm/m²

Licata Fibreglass Rendering Mesh is an alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh that meets the maximum requirement for crack resistance and shock resistance and is certified ETAG 004.

Fibreglass Rendering Mesh range offers all the benefits listed below.

50m² coverage
alkali resistant
resistant to shock


Choosing the right mesh for your plaster or render is important to ensure the right level of protection and reinforcement for your project.

Each rendering project has its own requirements for humidity, weather exposure, mechanical stress and a range of other factors.

Licata’s mesh products are developed and tested in our Research and Development lab and conform to the highest quality and safety standards.


After installing insulation boards and letting the adhesive dry, smooth and cover the reinforcing mesh with Licata finish or Licata coat smoothing products, using a metal spatula trowel to apply.

Starting from the top and working to the bottom, insert and submerge the Licata Reinforcing Mesh, overlapping each strip with the subsequent one by at least 10cm. Let dry for at least 2 days, then apply a second coat of Licata finish or Licata coat smoothing products.

Note: at the edges, stretch the glass fibre mesh over the entire wall and at openings like doors and windows, submerging it in the mortar. Run along the edges with a sharp knife, cutting the mesh at an angle of 45°.

Additional Info

Length 50m
Colour Red

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Technical Data Sheet