Regal Antimuffa Traspirante Interior Paint

Interior paint with easy application, high breathability with long-lasting anti-mould action to prevent efflorescence and mould over time.

Low VOC content
Very high breathability
Biocidal properties



Licata Regal Antimuffa Traspirante Interior Paint

Regal Antimuffa Traspirante is specifically for interiors, it is ideal as a decorative paint, protective against mould for: commercial buildings | industrial buildings | residential buildings | environments with the presence of of condensation and humidity (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) | the most common substrates used in construction industry | lime-based residential finishing | cement-based residential finishing | gypsum (after application of primer in case of smoothing with very low absorption) | already painted surfaces (after careful checking and cleaning of the substrate) | concrete | it is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least 4 weeks.


  • Biocidal properties: the particular additives present in Regal Antimuffa Traspirante give the product anti-mould and anti-bacterial effect and significantly slow down the emergence of new bacterial efflorescence.
  • Very high breathability: formulated specifically to resolve the problems typical of internal environments afflicted by high humidity such as kitchens and/or bathrooms, Regal Antimuffa Traspirante presents very high water vapour permeability, allowing it to control the emergence of condensation. Versatility: thanks to its fine grading curve Regal Antimuffa Traspirante can be applied by brush and rooler
  • Low VOC content: low releases, compliant according to European standards regarding volatile organic components.

Additional Info

Colours Premium White
Consumption 4 – 5 m²/L
Size 4L, 13L