Glossy – Paint for High Standard Sanitation

Water-based high performance paint is supplied in gloss, satin or matt. It is resistant to washing with low-grip dirt and is particularly suitable for painting walls and ceilings in places where a high standard of sanitation is required. Easy to apply with excellent wall coverage. Thanks to its formula, it gives a low odour emittance and offers good resistance to the growth of mould and algae.

Excellent retouching
Low VOC content
For public environments



Licata Glossy Water-Based Wall Paint

Glossy is indicated for the decoration of new or existing internal and external surfaces on residential, industrial or commercial buildings. It is recommended for use on cured substrates, i.e. after a curing time of at least four weeks | it is applicable on substrates such as: lime-based residential finishing | cementitious-based residential finishing | gypsum (after application of the primer in case of very low absorption smoothing) | already painted surfaces, after careful checking and cleaning of the substrate | concrete.


  • For public environments: tested and certified according to Standard UNI 11021:2002, Glossy is specifically for public environments with high hygienic/health standards, such as health facilities, hospitals and environments with the presence of food such as lunch rooms, kitchens, rooms for the storage and processing of food in general.
  • Excellent retouching: allows the professional to correct or perfect specific areas of the wall, retouching the painting without creating halos or deformities in the colouring.
  • Hygiene: thanks to a careful and accurate selection of additives Glossy combines very low dirt pick-up with protective power against the emergence of algae and mould.
  • Wide range: Glossy is proposed in 3 different types in order to respond to all the market’s requests: glossy, opaque and satin finish.
  • Excellent Yield: formulated in the R&D laboratories of Licata SpA, thanks to careful selection of the raw materials, Glossy allows a high yield of square metres for every litre of product.
  • Low VOC content: low releases, compliant according to European standards regarding volatile organic components.

Additional Info

Colours Licata System Colours
Consumption 7 – 8 m²/L
Size 4L, 10L