Autumn Leaves Clay Brickslip

Licata Clay Brick slips have been used to finish interior and exterior walls. Many millions of square meters of façade have been finished using brick slips. Brick slips are ideal for façade cladding, in both technical and aesthetic sense. When brick slips are used in new builds or renovation projects, they are given a masonry look that cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork. This means that the authentic value of buildings and neighborhoods is retained.

Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Burned from pure clay.
Resistant, durable, versatile.
Can be combined with several thermal insulation systems.
Matching angle slips for perfect masonry visuals.
A permanent increase in value for your home.
U.V. Resistant
Insensitive to algae, fungi and lichen.


Autumn Leaves Clay Brick Slip

Licata Clay Brick Slips are more competitively priced than a Classic Range brick slip and suitable for interior and exterior use.. Clay brick slips are considerably thinner than a standard sized brick and as such require 60-70% less energy to fire.

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Size 7mm, 10mm and 15mm, More size available on request

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