LBS Pre-Bagged Waterproof Render System

The LBS Pre-bagged Waterproofing System includes a render system designed for application on walls and overhead surfaces, as well as a screed system suitable for use on floors.

The pre-bagged dried mortars in the system consist of custom-graded aggregates and cements with waterproofing admixtures. They are available in four grades, each with the appropriate mix ratio to ensure optimal application, performance, and durability. Once water is added, these mortars serve as the multicoat components for the structural waterproofing systems.

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1. LBS Spritz & Bonding Mortar

Mortar for localised repairs of concrete (Class r3 according to 1504-3), with excellent waterproofing and protection abilities (1504-2).

2. LBS Render Mortar

Structural waterproofing rendering for walls, concrete and mortars eroded by humidity.

3. LBS Finishing Mortar

Waterproofing and reinforcement of concrete walls and mortars eroded by humidity.