External Insulation London

Licata is one of the most experienced and trusted manufacturers of interior and exterior building materials around. For more than 50 years we have been formulating, producing and distributing cutting edge materials for both the UK and European markets. Our external insulation for London homes and businesses is a great example of why so many homeowners, builders and contractors won’t trust anyone else.

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Licata external insulation London

Our external wall insulation does double duty sealing your home or business against the environment while at the same time improving its appearance. Through a process of constant evaluation and refinement, we never stop improving what has long been industry-leading performance. If you have an older home or business in London and are looking for an affordable way to secure it for the long-term, Licata external insulation should be at the top of your list of possibilities.

Benefits of Licata external wall insulation

Our external wall insulation provides an array of quantifiable benefits that appeal to both residential and commercial customers, including:

  • Enhanced valuation – Our handsome, effective external insulation increases the value of your home or business in a couple of ways. First, it improves kerb appeal, which has a significant impact on a property’s value. And second, it improves energy efficiency, which of course makes the building more valuable to potential buyers.
  • A quieter interior – Just about anywhere you are in the capital noise is a significant issue. When you wrap your home or business in Licata external wall insulation you’ll not only make it more comfortable and valuable, you’ll make it markedly quieter inside as well. And that’s good for everyone.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – We all want to know how we can reduce our carbon footprint these days. Installing good-looking, effective Licata exterior insulation is a great way to start. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy significant savings on your energy bills as well.
  • No regulatory hurdles to clear – Planning permission is required for almost any type of renovation or enhancement work performed on the exterior of a home or business in London today. A notable exception is Licata external insulation. In most cases, it can be installed without having to run the planning permission gauntlet.


And let’s not forget that your home is also likely to last longer once it’s been swathed in a comfy blanket of Licata exterior wall insulation. To learn more about this amazing and affordable product call Licata, or stop by one of our 3 London area showrooms.