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Licata is Wimbledon’s trusted authority on rendering solutions for homes and businesses. We invite you to contact us today to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Licata is Wimbledon’s trusted choice for professional rendering solutions. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we will find the most suitable solution to your needs. Whether you need rendering in your Wimbledon home or business, we invite you to contact us today.

Monocouche Rendering

This exterior render option is cement-based and has the colour already mixed in. Monocouche rendering is a single-layer solution that is applied over bricks or blocks.

The finish can be modified to create a variety of effects, or simply smoothed out for a clean, sleek appearance. As such, it is not necessary to paint the finish. Like our other rendering options, monocouche is highly resistant to water and therefore works to resist algae growth.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster renders have been in use since the days of the ancient Greeks. Licata plaster renders are hydrophobic, quick-drying, lightweight and compatible with virtually any type of substrate. As a bit of icing on the cake, they’re available in more than 700 colours.

Thin Coat Rendering

This modern render finish is available in various colours and comes with features such as crack resistance, improved breathability and increased durability. We have thin coat renders in silicone, acrylic or mineral.

The most popular of our thin coats is silicone because of its capacity to keep dirt and stains out and also to stop the development of algae. Silicone renders have a sleek appearance and are water resistant.

Acrylic renders are available in a variety of colours and offer enhanced water-resistance. Mineral renders are designed to set quickly and are better suited to colder climates.

Why You Should Use an Coloured Rendering and Insulated Rendering System

Insulated Renders

This type is used to cover areas without sufficient external wall insulation. There may be a problem with the walls, such as deterioration or wall cavities that can’t be filled. Or, the exterior might need updating. Whatever the case may be, insulated rendering is the optimal solution.

Coloured Renders

Through-coloured renders won’t chip or flake like painted wood, stucco and concrete. Additionally, this exterior render is extremely durable and simple to apply. It instantly enhances the kerb appeal of your Wimbledon property.

Coloured renderings look great, and they’re easy to maintain. And thanks to their waterproof and breathable properties, they promote the health and longevity of the structures they’re placed on.

So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of your property while also enhancing its insulation, contact Licata today for a rendering solution that fits your needs.

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