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Rendering is essential in ensuring the comfort and safety of your Westminster home or business. We invite you to contact us today if you’re looking for a rendering solution for your property. At Licata, we have many types of rendering available to suit your needs, as well as more than 700 colour options to choose from.

Different Types of External Render Systems

Licata rendering systems are comprised of materials that have been continually refined over more than 50 years and which meet or exceed both BBA and ETA building material standards. Our most popular external rendering systems include:

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche is an exterior render made of cement that is pre-mixed with colour. This rendering option is one coat that is designed to be applied over brick or block structures. The finish can be modified to produce a variety of effects, or you can choose to smooth it out for a simple yet sleek look.

What’s more, the through-coloured finish means you don’t need to apply paint. And its water resistance prevents algae growth.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster is a traditional material that has proven its immense value over thousands of years. Our plaster renders are compatible with any type of substrate meaning they can be applied to a wide variety of home styles. Licata plaster renders dry quickly, provide robust waterproofing and are available in more than 700 colours. They are light, resist mould and fungi, are an extremely cost-effective upgrade for a home and will withstand the test of time.

Thin Coat Rendering

The modern render finish comes in a variety of colours, and comes with features such as more breathability, crack resistance and long-lasting performance. You can choose from thin coat renders in silicone, acrylic or mineral.

Silicone thin coat renders are the most popular because they repel dirt and stains, as well as slow the growth of algae. This is thanks to the silicone renders’ water-resistant construction.

Acrylic renders are comparable to silicone thin coats, as they are made in a variety of colours and combat water-related problems. Mineral renders are fast to set and are best suited to cold climates.

Westminster's Authority on Coloured Rendering and Insulated Rendering Systems

Insulated Renders

To provide thermal insulation, an insulation render can be applied to exterior structures. Insulated render is usually used in environments that can’t accommodate other insulation options. Moreover, insulated render is a specialty process that requires the expertise of an approved contractor.

Rendering is necessary to create a pleasant indoor space and to cut down on energy consumption. The material provides excellent insulation properties without compromising the look of your Westminster home or business.

Coloured Renders

Through-coloured renders are more durable than painted wood, stucco and concrete. Furthermore, this render for exterior use is very durable and easy to apply. It immediately enhances your home or business’s kerb appeal.

Coloured renders are not only attractive, but they’re also very easy to maintain. And due to their waterproof and breathable qualities, they promote the longevity and health of structures they’re used on.

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