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Do You Need a Rendering Supplier in Tottenham?

There’s been a settlement at Tottenham for over one thousand years. Along with such a rich history comes old buildings that need some help.

Licata is no stranger to rendering in Tottenham. Its beautiful old buildings are just begging to be insulated, and we’re here to provide the products to do the job.

Overview of Licata Rendering Tottenham

We know the importance of antiquity and want to do everything in our power to help Tottenham preserve its important landmark buildings. Let’s go over the details of our products so you can choose what would work best for your property.

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche breaks up into “one” and “coat” when translated from French. This single-coat render is through colour, water-resistant, low maintenance, and energy-efficient. It keeps both the winter cold and summer heat out of your building. The final result will look fresh and modern without needing to be painted over.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster renders have been utilized since ancient Greece and have stuck around because they are lightweight, dry quickly, are hydrophobic, and can be used with almost any substrate. You also have over 700 colours to choose from.

Thin Coat Rendering

Thin coat renders by Licata are made out of either silicone, acrylic, or mineral bases. All three can be applied easily, are highly breathable, and are crack-resistant. Silicone thin coat renders maintain their appealing appearance for decades. Acrylic is often employed in older structures because it is so flexible. Mineral renders are famous for being quick-drying.

Benefits of an Insulated Rendering System

Insulated rendering in Tottenham is used to create a strong barrier of protection between the inside and outside of the building. Insulated renders are often used to fix damaged walls. Fluctuating temperatures can be incredibly damaging to a wall as it expands and contracts, so insulated renders also stabilise the temperature of the wall.

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With so many options, our trained specialists are happy to walk you through your choices. Licata has over 50 years of experience supplying rendering in Tottenham because we care about preserving the integrity of Tottenham’s historic buildings and keeping the past alive.