Tiling in Surrey

Cementitious Adhesives for Interior and Exterior Tiling in Surrey

Do You Need Interior and Exterior Tiling Materials in Surrey?

There are few manufacturers and distributors of building materials in the UK with the experience or expertise to match Licata Building Solutions Ltd. For more than 50 years we have been formulating, producing and selling leading edge cementitious adhesives, sealants and grouts for a variety of applications both interior and exterior. When it comes to tiling in Surrey Licata has the products you need at a price you cannot afford to ignore.

Licata tiling systems are renowned for the quality of their hydraulic binders and other ingredients, their ease of application and the durability of the finished product. All of our adhesives demonstrate outstanding adhesion to substrates and tiles and, when combined with a quality screed system, ensure no cracking post-installation.

Tiling Surrey for Residential and Commercial Applications

Licata distributes some of the most highly respected tiling-related products on the market. Their durability, hydrophobic properties and high compressive strength mean they are ideal for both interior and exterior applications. They provide outstanding adhesion to all common substrates and will not crack post-installation when underpinned by a quality screed system.

Overview of Licata Tiling Systems

We produce a variety of tiling adhesive for interior and exterior residential and commercial applications, including:

Flex Plus Tiling System

The polymer-modified adhesive at the heart of our Flex Plus system is ideal for an array of applications both indoors and out. The Flex Plus adhesive is the product of many years of research and refinement and is composed of robust hydraulic binders, state-of-the-art additives and quality aggregates. Flex Plus is intended for use with natural stone and ceramic tiles where thin layer bonding is called for. Bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor kitchens and more are just some of the places where our Flex Plus tiling system is put to use every day.

Fast 360 Tiling System

Like our Flex Plus tiling system, the Licata Fast 360 tiling system is in full compliance with EN 12004 European quality standards for cement-based tile adhesives. This is a high-performance adhesive that features top of the line hydraulic binders, select aggregates and our own combination of additives to produce a rock-solid, long-term hold. The Fast 360 adhesive is characterised by the rapid hardening produced by the fast hydraulic binders, hence the name.

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System

The Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System provides all the durability, adhesive properties, mechanical strength, hydrophobic qualities, fast drying and other admirable characteristics of our Fast 360 adhesive plus an impressive level of flexibility. We use a proprietary blend of hydraulic binders, high-quality additives and select aggregates in this adhesive that make it an ideal choice to use in older structures that may be a bit prone to settling or in locations that may be less than entirely stable.

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto is a single component cementitious adhesive that can be applied with either a trowel or a roller, is not affected by UV light and is highly resistant to chlorine making it a perfect choice for swimming pools.

Super S1 and Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling Systems

Super S1 Tiling System

Super S1 is one of our most popular cementitious adhesives used in conjunction with ceramic tile and stone. It boasts high-quality hydraulic binders, select aggregates and proprietary additives to create an adhesive that will produce no vertical slip and exhibits a high degree of deformability. If your Surrey home is located in an area that is susceptible to subsidence, the Super S1 tiling system is the perfect choice for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor kitchen or pool applications. Not every home or hotel has the luxury of being built on bedrock. But those that are not needn’t accept cracked and leaking walls, floors or ceilings. Our Super S1 tiling system will make sure of that.

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling System

Our Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 tiling system is formulated specifically for waterproofing concrete. Its combination of leading-edge hydraulic binders and specially chosen additives give it elastic qualities that enable it to stand up to whatever is going down with your foundation, driveway, swimming pool or landscaping elements.

Years of exhaustive research have gone into the formulation of this adhesive system with the end result being impressive mechanical strength, flexibility and unmatched hydrophobic qualities. It adheres to EN 12004 as well as EN 14891 standards for waterproof cementitious adhesives, provides reliable crack-bridging at low temperatures and is resistant to chlorine.

Trust Licata

At Licata, we put every one of our more than 50 years of experience into every product we make. Our cementitious tiling adhesives are trusted throughout Europe and the UK for providing outstanding adhesion, dependable waterproofing, and industry best flexibility. If you’re looking for a cost-effective adhesive for your tiling project in Surrey give us a call on 020 8894 3372 or stop by one of our 3 Greater London depots.