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Cementitious Adhesives for Indoor & Outdoor Tiling in Bexleyheath

Do You Need Interior and Exterior Tiling Materials in Bexleyheath?

At Licata, we offer only the highest-quality tiling adhesives for all of your projects. From interior tiling to swimming pools, our proprietary selection ensure optimal results every time.

Licata Adhesives for Tiling Bexleyheath

For over 50 years, our company has produced, distributed and creating world-class grouts, sealants, and cementitious adhesives. We are extremely proud of our tiling solutions, including our

Flex Plus Tiling System

The Flex Plus Tiling System is intended for thin-layer bonding applications involving ceramic tile and natural stone. It is named for the fact that the system has a lot of flexibility. It is a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and pool areas, as well as other surface types.

Fast 360 Tiling System

“Fast” refers to the fact that this cementitious adhesive cures quickly and provides aggressive bonding with natural stone and ceramic. A high-quality blend of additives and binding agents are mixed with specific aggregates to form an adhesive connection that is unbreakable and won’t let go.

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto The Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto combines the quick setting ability of the Fast 360 system with an enhanced level of deformability, ultraviolet resistance, and powerful chlorine resistance. This adhesive is great for swimming pools as well as other areas of water where subsidence could be a problem.

Super S1 and Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling Systems

Super S1 Tiling System

Super S1 is designed to be used indoors as well as outdoors, using natural stone or ceramic tile. It was specially designed to attach high-strength materials where there may be movements. It is ideal for residential and commercial uses.

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling System

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 is a polymer-modified one-component waterproofing system designed specifically for waterproofing concrete. It’s certified as per UNI EN14891 and classified as CM02P. This means it can boast amazing crack-bridging properties even at temperatures as low as -20° C.

Licata Cementitious Adhesives: The Smart Choice

If you are searching for adhesives for your next tiling project in Bexleyheath, Licata is the smart choice. Our tile-laying systems are highly regarded by contractors and homeowners across the UK and Europe due to their decades of expertise and commitment to continuous refinement. For more information on cementitious adhesives and other cementitious products, please visit one of our convenient London distribution centers or call us on 020 8894 3372 for more information.