Tiling in Kent

Cementitious Adhesives for Interior and Exterior Tiling in Kent

Do You Need Interior and Exterior Tiling Materials in Kent?

Licata Building Solutions Ltd has more than 5 decades of experience producing and distributing high-quality materials for a variety of construction applications. Our cementitious adhesives, grouts, sealants and preparatory products for tiling are widely used in new builds, renovations and remodels and exhibit high compressive strength and admirable durability. Before you undertake tiling in Kent make sure you visit a Licata depot and talk to one of our tiling pros.

Licata tiling systems are renowned for the quality of their hydraulic binders and other ingredients, their ease of application and the durability of the finished product. All of our adhesives demonstrate outstanding adhesion to substrates and tiles and, when combined with a quality screed system, ensure no cracking post-installation.

Overview of Licata Tiling Systems

For more than 50 years Licata Building Solutions have been formulating, producing and distributing world-class construction materials in both the UK and Europe. That includes a variety of much-heralded tiling adhesives prized for their ease of use, formidable adhesion and widespread applicability. The following are some of our most popular tiling systems.

Flex Plus Tiling System

The Flex Plus tiling system features a polymer-modified adhesive that can be used with equal effectiveness both indoors and out. The adhesive itself is comprised of next-gen additives, extremely robust hydraulic binders and select aggregates and is intended for use with ceramic tiles and natural stone where thin layer bonding is indicated. The Flex Plus adhesive complies with the EN UNI 12004 standard governing adhesives for internal and external wall and floor tile installations.

Fast 360 Tiling System

Our Fast 360 is a high-performance tile adhesive that employs high resistance hydraulic binders, proven additives and select aggregates to produce rock-solid adhesion. Like our Flex Plus adhesive it complies with EN UNI 12004 cement adhesive standards for external and internal wall and floor ceramic tiles and natural stone, cures fast and produces no vertical slip. Perhaps the most notable feature of the 360 system is its fast hydraulic binders.

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System

The name Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto pretty much says it all. This single-component cementitious waterproofing material is formulated with high-resistance hydraulic binders, proprietary additives and select aggregates and is intended specifically to protect concrete from the debilitating effects of water. As the “elasto” in the name suggests the product is highly flexible which complements its intense adhesion and mechanical strength. Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto is easy to work with either roller or trowel. It is also highly resistant to UV light and chlorine making it an ideal adhesive for swimming pool applications.

Super S1 and Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling Systems

Super S1 Tiling System

Super S1 from Licata is another reliable, easy to apply cementitious adhesive intended specifically for ceramic tile and stone. Super S1 is deformable, features high-strength hydraulic binders and conforms to EN UNI 12004 and EN UNI 12002 standards with no vertical slip and extended open time. Deformations of the substrate will not undermine Super S1’s bonding ability, making it an ideal adhesive solution for floor, walls and ceilings in Kent homes that may be susceptible to subsidence, or for exterior applicants such as outdoor kitchens with are typically more prone to settlement than the main house with its robust foundation.

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling System

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 is a cement waterproofing material formulated with high resistance hydraulic binders and special additives which provide it with its “elasto” qualities. Like our Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto, Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 is specifically intended for waterproofing concrete. Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 is the product of years of intensive research by the Licata laboratories and is widely considered an industry best exterior concrete waterproofing solution due to its incredible adhesion, unmatched flexibility and impressive surface mechanical strength. This leading-edge adhesive conforms to UNI EN 14891 standards for waterproof cement mortar, exhibits crack-bridging at low temps and is chlorine resistant as well.

Trust Licata

Licata Building Systems hydraulic tiling adhesives are versatile, durable, easy to apply and cost-effective. All are the result of years of research and refinement, are formulated to provide for both interior and exterior ceramic and natural stone tiling in Kent and exhibit impressive flexibility, chlorine resistance and resistance to UV rays. To learn more about our tiling adhesives and whether they might be right for your particular project stop by one of our London area showrooms and distribution depots. Or, if you prefer, give us a call on 020 8894 3372 or write to us at: info@licataltd.co.uk . To learn more, or to speak with a member of our team about partnering with Licata on a high-profile project, give us a call on 020 8894 3372 or write us at: info@licataltd.co.uk .