Tiling in Richmond

Cementitious Adhesives for Indoor & Outdoor Tiling in Richmond

Do You Need Interior and Exterior Tiling Materials in Richmond?

Tiles don’t stay in place by way of magic or luck. Tiles, especially those in the shower or pool, or on the patio, or in the outdoor kitchen where they must endure a regular soaking, are held firm by quality adhesive systems like those produced by Licata. We have more than 50 years of experience formulating, producing and distributing reliable, easy to use, affordable products for tiling in Richmond and we’re not about to stop now.

Overview of Licata Tiling Systems

If you’re keen to ensure the long term stability of your Richmond tiling project you’ll need cementitious adhesives that have proven themselves up to the task. The following Licata tiling systems are renowned for their reliability and easy application:

Flex Plus Tiling System

If your project calls for thin layer bonding of ceramic or natural stone turn to the Flex Plus Tiling System from Licata. Flex Plus features a polymer-modified adhesive, top of the line hydraulic binders, select aggregates and a proprietary mix of additives that together form a rock-solid bond.

Fast 360 Tiling System

The Fast 360 Tiling System is one of our most popular. It’s fully compliant with EN UNI 12004 European performance standards and features high-resistance hydraulic binders that are an ideal choice for a plethora of indoor and outdoor applications featuring large format stone.

Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a conventional adhesive to set, nor is your site guaranteed to remain completely stable. In which case you need the Fast 360 Plus Hydro Monoelasto Tiling System. It’s UNI EN 14891 compliant and retains crack-bridging capabilities down to -20C.

Super S1 and Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling Systems

Super S1 Tiling System

If there’s a good chance the substrate may shift over time not just any old cementitious adhesive will do. Super S1 is intended for use with ceramic tile or natural stone on interior and exterior applications where subsidence is a possibility.

Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling System

Our Super S1 Hydro Monoelasto 100 Tiling System features intense mechanical strength, impressive flexibility, chlorine resistance and UV resistance. It’s one of our best concrete waterproofing systems and can be found underpinning swimming pools and landscape elements throughout Richmond.

Choose Licata Quality

When you need to be sure the cementitious adhesive you choose is up to the task laid out before it, choose Licata. To learn more visit one of our London-area depots or call us on 020 8894 3372.