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Do You Need a Rendering Supplier in Surrey?

Through our 3 Greater London showrooms and distribution centres we provide our leading-edge rendering systems to contractors, homeowners and builders engaged in rendering in Surrey. With more than 50 years of experience developing, producing and distributing high-quality external wall insulation products no one is better able to provide the materials needed to transform dull and dingy energy sieves into attractive models of energy-efficiency.

All Licata rendering products are BBA and ETA certified, meaning they meet or exceed the rigorous standards established by the British Board of Agrément and the European Technical Assessments board. When properly installed our exterior wall insulation and rendering systems will lower energy bills, enhance the kerb appeal of any home or business and last for decades.

Different Types of External Render Systems

We offer a variety of external rendering services and systems so there is sure to be one that is exactly right for your Surrey home or business.

Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche rendering is easy to apply, affordable, durable and requires virtually no maintenance once in place. The monocouche render is a through-coloured render so there is no need to paint after the render is in place. A through colour render also retains its appearance even if it gets scratched or dinged, so your kerb appeal won’t take a hit and you won’t have to pay for repairs. This type of rendering for Surrey homes can be applied with a render pump saving time and money.

Coloured Rendering

A coloured render is both attractive and cost-effective and will save installation time since there’s no need to paint it afterwards. It also won’t peel and flake over time like a painted surface will and cleaning it is as simple as spraying it with the hose from time to time. Our coloured render systems are available in more than 700 colours so you can always find an exact match for your house or business that also matches the surroundings. Coloured renders are waterproof, breathable, highly flexible and will not attract mould, fungi or algae.

Thin Coat Rendering

Thin coat renders are an extremely cost-effective way to buttress the energy efficiency of a home or business. They typically take 1 of 3 forms: silicone, acrylic or mineral. This type of external render can be applied quickly, will not trap moisture behind it, resists cracking and keeps water at bay. Each type of thin coat render has its upside. Silicone is renowned for its durability and attractiveness. Acrylic render systems for their flexibility. And mineral renders are a good choice in places where winter weather is more severe.

Benefits of Insulated Rendering and Plaster Rendering

As temperatures rise and fall homes expand and contract. This causes stress on the building materials and over time degradation is inevitable. However, if you can minimise that expansion and contraction by insulating the home better not only will you save on your energy bills, you’ll also reduce the amount of expansion and contraction and extend the life of your home.

That’s exactly what insulated rendering systems do. This type of rendering for Surrey homes is not something that should be attempted by the homeowner, however. It is considered a speciality process that should only be carried out by qualified contractors using BBA certified products and tools. Licata can put you in touch with such a contractor if you wish.

A plaster render can be used on a variety of facades. It’s quick to dry, resists mould and algae, is highly waterproof and will not be a burden to the external wall it is applied to.

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