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    Super S1


    High performance, low-modulus cementitious adhesive C2TE-S1 certified, according to Regulations UNI EN 12004 and UNI EN 12002, with no vertical grip slip and prolonged application time, specific for thin-layer bonding of ceramic and stone tiles.


    • Prolonged application time E The special composition of Super S1 extends its application time to >30mn.

    • No vertical grip slip T The high thixotropic properties allow the laying of tiles even vertically.


    Appearance: White or grey powder
    Pack size: 25 kg
    Consumption: From 2.5-5.5 kg/m²
    Bulk density: 1250-1350 kg/dm³
    Water mix: 26%-28% of powder’s weight

    Fields of Use

    • Mosaics, including glass mosaics.

    • Marble and natural stones provided they endure moisture and are resistant to stains and efflorescence.

    • All types of ceramics (single and double-fired, porcelain stoneware, klinker, terracotta, etc.) porous or non porous, even of large format

    • On uneven surfaces

    • Bonding on panels in eps, extruded, cork etc…

    • On common surfaces, with cement plaster

    • Standard cementitious screeds

    • Heated floors

    • Cementitious waterproofing products (Licata Waterproofing Line)

    • As an overlay on old existing floors (ceramic, stoneware, marble, etc.)

    • Anhydrite screeds and gypsum-based plasters, after primer application using Aggrappante LG

    • Swimming pools

    • Fibre cement panels,

    • Autoclaved aerated concrete,

    • Cold rooms.

    In case of application on other surfaces, please contact the technical department.


    Wait 10 minutes before application. Stir and spread the adhesive with a 6-10 mm notched trowel. Choose a trowel with at least 65% spreading ratio for interiors and 100% spreading ratio for outdoors, bearing in mind however that the maximum thickness of the adhesive must not exceed 5 mm .

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