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The South London landscape ranges from flat and urban to hilly and rural, but it is all subject to the same environmental stresses. Being surrounded by ocean and beset by bone-chilling winds off the North Atlantic and North Sea this is no place for your external walls to let you down.

More than 3/4 of the homes in the UK were built before 1980, and more than half before 1965. These homes were not built with energy efficiency in mind and most lack significant external wall insulation. Here in the 2020s, however, energy efficiency is of paramount importance, which is what makes Licata rendering products so vital.

If the exterior walls of your home or business do a better job releasing heat into the atmosphere than they do holding it inside, Licata can help. Our rendering systems seal homes and businesses against the environmental onslaught, reducing their carbon footprint and saving money for their owners. Let’s look at those various external wall insulation systems.

Licata provides leading-edge rendering materials, tools and expertise that enables any home or business owner who cares to to increase the energy efficiency of their home or business by as much as 25%, while effectively putting an end to the drafty icebox they were living in. Our vast array of industry best exterior wall insulation materials make rendering a common-sense choice that’s both simple and cost-effective.

For more than 5 decades Licata Building Solutions have been producing and distributing industry-leading rendering materials. Through our London area distribution depots we supply homeowners, landlords, business owners and building contractors in South London with the products they need to affect positive, lasting change to their homes and businesses, or the homes and businesses of their customers.

When you need the highest-quality products for rendering in South London, Licata is the company to trust. All Licata rendering products are BBA and ETA certified so you can be certain they will meet your highest expectations. But while we are proud of the quality of our products we never stop testing, refining, and retesting to reflect the latest advances in materials and processes.

Different Types of External Render Systems

Licata rendering systems are comprised of materials that have been continually refined over more than 50 years and which meet or exceed both BBA and ETA building material standards. Our most popular external rendering systems include:

Monocouche Rendering

The Licata monocouche render system is through-coloured to save time and money and to ensure decades of handsome, reliable service. “Monocouche” is French for “one coat” and indeed that is all you will need to derive a multitude of benefits from this particular system. Hydrophobic, algae resistant and easy to apply the monocouche render is one of our most popular.

Coloured Rendering

Home and business owners are sometimes concerned that external wall insulation will not dovetail with the overall colour scheme of their home, or that it will need constant repainting. Fortunately, this is not the case with Licata coloured rendering systems. We offer more than 700 hydrophobic, through-colour options so you can be confident you’ll find exactly the colour you need.

And because these are through-coloured renders there is never the need to repaint, nor will your render chip or peel the way standard external paint jobs do. In addition, should your coloured render get scratched or scraped the through-colour system will make the damage virtually invisible.

Thin Coat Rendering

There are 3 materials used to create thin coat renders: silicone, acrylic and mineral. Silicone thin coats are renowned for their durability, the resilience of their colour and their highly water-resistant character. Acrylic thin coats are a particularly flexible type of external wall insulation. As such, they are often employed on older structures. While mineral thin coats are preferred in particularly cold areas.

Benefits of Insulated Rendering and Plaster Rendering

Insulated Renders

The British Isles are a land of contrast. This is particularly evident in the temperature contrasts that manifest throughout the year. As temperatures rise and fall building materials expand and contract. Over time this has an enervating effect on a structure resulting in cracks and other issues. If left unattended these issues can result in significant heat loss, skyrocketing energy bills and lower home valuation.

Our insulated render systems can help. This is not, however, a rendering process that should be attempted by homeowners. This type of external rendering in South London should only be installed by approved contractors using Licata BBA-certified materials and tools.

Plaster Renders

Our plaster renders are a good example of how plastering materials and processes have evolved over time. The Licata plaster rendering system is compatible with any type of substrate, dries quickly, is highly water-resistant and is available in a variety of colours. This type of render retains its breathability over time, preventing moisture buildup and warding off algae, mould and fungi. It is also remarkably light, meaning it will not be a burden to older exterior walls.

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