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Do You Need a Rendering Supplier in Sevenoaks?

The rendering material is essential to reduce heat transfer in your house or business. Your Sevenoaks house should have enough rendering. This helps to keep it warm in winter and cool during the summer.

Your heating bills will be higher if your walls are not well insulated than those of someone with good insulation. Licata rendering can help you save money on your heating bills during winter.

Our Array of Leading Edge Rendering Systems

As you know if you’ve spent a winter in London, the weather can get unexpectedly extreme and undermine buildings that seem completely sound. A tip-top rendering system can help alleviate the damage.

We have over five decades of experience producing impressive rendering systems that are mighty and easy to apply. Some of your choices include:

Monocouche Rendering

It can be applied on brickwork and blockwork surfaces with a single monocouche layer. It can be coloured and is water-resistant. It is technically one layer. However, monocouche renders are usually applied in two passes. The layers then merge to create the single layer.

This type of render can be modified to create any texture you or your client desire. You can use it dry-dashed or scraped.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster renders are an ancient form of render that was used by the Greeks. Our plastic renders dry quickly, are lightweight and hydrophobic, and can be used with nearly any kind of substrate. Even more impressive, we offer over 700 colours of plaster renders!

Thin Coat Rendering

There are three types of thin coat renders available: acrylic, silicone, and mineral. Thin coat renders can be applied quickly, are waterproof, scratch-resistant and attractive. Thin coats of silicon are well-known for their water resistance and durability.

Acrylic thin coats are popular for their flexibility, ease of maintenance, and versatility. Mineral thin coats dry quickly, and can be applied to homes or businesses located in areas that are traditionally colder. Thin coat renders are a great option if you’re looking for a way to make a major renovation to your home without spending a lot of money.

Why Choose Licata Insulated Rendering Systems?

Licata’s insulated rendering systems can be used to smoothen exterior walls that have been damaged or weakened. They also increase energy efficiency by up to 25% and prolong the life of a house. The insulated render offers damp-proofing and an attractive increase in the home’s market value.

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