Triotherm Thermal Profiles

Triotherm Thermal Profiles

Triotherm thermal profiles made of high-density EPS-F material are one of the three components that make up the system. Strong and durable profiles have a good load-bearing capacity.

Triotherm thermal profiles are perfect for the insulation area of any type of facade system.


Triotherm Thermal Profiles

A key area of ​​application for the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles is the extension of the masonry reveal into the insulation level of the facade, as a load-bearing, dimensionally stable installation surface for the components to be installed. The blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles can safely transfer the resulting forces into the load-bearing structure via the mechanical attachment. The always dimensionally stable blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles always form a flat surface for the regulation-compliant sealing of the connection joints of building elements.

blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles made of highly compressed EPS (expanded polystyrene) are one of the three system components of the blaugelb Triotherm+ system. The robust, resistant profiles are characterized by their load-bearing capacity, can be quickly and easily mounted on the supporting structure and offer thermally insulated load transfer – thermal bridges from the structurally necessary fastening of components are reduced to a minimum. The blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles can be perfectly integrated into the insulation zones of all facade systems.

The waste-free connection of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles gives the fitter clear advantages thanks to the extruded, form-fitting dovetail construction. Thanks to their low weight and compact dimensions, the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles can be processed quickly and easily without any competition. Professional sealing and mechanical attachment of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles to the supporting ground is necessary, but only takes a few minutes.

Product advantages:

  • Shape and volume stable
  • insensitive to moisture, resistant to aging
  • 100% recyclable, 100% HCFC and HFC free
  • HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane)-free
  • high density (expanded) polystyrene
  • high ductility
  • 100% reversibility of the window attachment in the case of renovation makes a major contribution to sustainable building
  • Saves time through fewer work steps and quick combination with the system components
  • Profiles easy to machine/saw with a jigsaw or chop saw (coarse ripping saw blade)
  • can be cut precisely and with little dust
  • Profiles can be extended endlessly using a dovetail connection
    – very good fit of the dovetail connection
    – a high level of stability of the connection
    – free of waste in processing
  • Profiles are characterized by low weight and compact
    – Advantage in transport to/on site
    – Advantage in handling
  • Frames can be screwed into the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles without pre-drilling
  • Waffle structure increases the adhesion of the seal between the subsoil and the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles
  • Thanks to the production process, the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles always have the highest dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy
    – always straight
    – Always flat sealing flanks
  • high inherent stability and flexural rigidity, high ductility
  • Airtightness, profile connection to the building ground is technically proven
  • Acceptance of high structural tolerances in the window line has been technically proven
  • Reduction of thermal bridges in the fastening level of the components
  • Tested for low emissions according to EMICODE EC1 Plus
  • Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Silver Standard certified

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