RasoTherm 500 Plus Adhesive

Glueing/skim coating with very high resistance, elasticity and adhesive strength.


Rasotherm 500 Plus

Glueing/skim coating with very high resistance, elasticity and adhesive strength.

Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Glueing and decorative skim coating of deformable insulating panels (wood and cork), to create anti-hail and anti-shock ETICS. Deformable reinforcement of classic insulating panels. Repair of cracked or micro-cracked façades.

Recommended applications:
Glueing and skim coating of all kinds of insulating panels. Skim coating of all the most common surfaces used in construction. Suitable substrates (indoors or outdoors):

  • Wooden panels (including CLT composite laminates) and deformable panels
  • Plaster and cement-lime base finishes
  • Concrete or polymeric skim coating
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete
  • Old paint and coatings provided they are clean, thick and well anchored to the substrate
  • Insulating panels in general, even made of cork


The high impact resistance: makes it ideal for skirting bands and as a hail protective coating.
Fluidity and ease of processing reduce fatigue and laying times.
The improved water retention makes it a perfect solution also for skim coating wood and cork.
The high elasticity allows the use as a decorative masking of porous and cracked façades.
The aesthetically uniform finish allows the creation of decorations in a single layer.

Appearance and color




Applicazione esternaApplicazione internaFrattazzo collaFrattazzo liscioLicataTherm

Additional Info


White paste

Particle size

<0.5 mm


Bonding: from 3 to 5 kg/m2 Smoothing: from 3 to 4 kg/m2

Preparation of the product

Ready to use, max. 1% water

Overlay time at 20 °C

24-48 hours

Application thickness per coat

From 1 to 3 mm per coat

Storage in unopened original packaging

12 months in a dry place between +5° and +35°C


25 kg polypropylene bucket

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