RasoTherm 500 Plus Adhesive

  • Suitable for interior and exterior application
  • Ready to use
  • Excellent elasticity
  • High mechanical strength
  • Ideal for critical substrates


Totally free of cement, Rasotherm 500Plus is ideal as skimming for buildings subject to high risk of accidental impact, for low baseboards and in the restoration
of façades that have hairline cracks or splits. Ideal as an adhesive/skim plaster of natural and other insulating panels such as as: rock wool | glass wool | wood fber |EPS| Rasotherm 500Plus is formulated and studied for applications on: wooden substrates (even composite laminates such as CLT) | prefabricated concrete panels |lime/cement-based plasters and fnishes | reinforced skimming in the cycles of the restoration of façades | concrete | old paints and coatings as long as they are clean, consistent and well anchored to the substrate.

Additional information




25 KG


Ready to use

Yield Consumption

Gluing – 3 to 5 Kg/m2, Skimming – 3 to 4 KG/m2